What Pokémon do you hatch the most

Let me know what Pokémon is the most common for you from eggs, for me it’s mantine and the worst part of it is there from 10k eggs, I have way to many candies for a Pokémon that dosnt evolve and I don’t want to upgrade😂

The most common is hard to say. I guess it’s a mon from a 5 km egg but what I really hate is hatching another Sudowoodoo,Pineco,Gligar,Skarmory or Mantine from a 10 km egg.

For me Niantic may leave them out just like they did before with very common Pokémon.
Or put them in a 5 km egg.

I would like to hatch a good Snorlax.

And two more Mantines this week :frowning:

Tons of water types that already spawn in abundance around here. Staryu, Psyduck, Tentacool, Krabby… It’s been really annoying, because my town has always had a ton of water biome spawns, so I had all of these caught and evolved within a few weeks of starting the game. And yet I keep hatching them.

I have 395 mantine candy 400 phnapy candy I don’t mind the little blue elephant but mantine I can’t stand O and aerodayctl is well over 200 candys after powering up 2 past 2100 cp /I did make 1 of every moveset for donphan with 2 counter earthquake and 2 counter play rough only powered 1 donphan up past 2600 though stardust is hard for me .all I want are a few good snorlax and Chansey but I keep getting the flying rock Pokémon , I won’t even tell you the 4 fortress I made from pinco !!

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Golden, Nidoran (m&f), glygars, mantines, drowsee, Psy ducks i hatch them by every km I walk. Golden & glygar that I can’t stand

Mantines and Staryus, overflowed by 'em lol

Also, I have a very decent hatch rate of dratinis, which is actually really cool

I’ve hatched 13 Gligars from 10km eggs. I know it evolves in a future generation but I’m sick of getting them. I’ve also hatched 13 Elekids. Plenty of candy when we get to evolve Electabuzz.

I’m going nutts 6 out of my 8 last 10k eggs have been the new chinchu or how ever it’s spelled lol I already have 800 candy from catches and I love lanturn but again have 7 over 1600 cp only have been keeping 90% and up with cb/t or cb/tb now and I kept 1 wg/hp for rock battles but I felt sick inside after the 4th in a row then a dratini times 2 and the magic happened again what did I do , I’ll have one of the best lanturn squads around I guess it’s cause I’m on the water that I catch like 8 a day !

I’m overrun with poliwags out of eggs…they should be knocked down to 2k if they haven’t been already

Most common out of 10k is dratini…could be worse for sure. I’ve only hatched one larvitar and one mareep which is pretty frustrating

2k is a pretty mixed bag, one doesn’t stand out as being more common than the others, if I had to guess, I would say krabby is my most common

I have been very unlucky getting 2ks lately…trying to get a damn pichu wearing a hat

I have too much Sandshrews (every hour, everyday I have one at the beach… and not one different), and when I go home there is a Murkrow waiting for me…

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It would be close race between Lady Ratrabbit (Nidoran) and Poliwag.

I probably hatch psyduck/tentacool the most. I now have 1500+ candies for the two of them lol

I Have hatched so many Ponyta that I now refer to it as “that wretched beast”

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Hahahaha, I love that saying… “that wretched beast”. From now on I will use it when I see my Sandshrew…

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2km: Slugma (none over 90)
5km: Poliwag (sucks because i already have a perfect IV Poliwrath)
10km: Lapras (and again none of them were over 90%)

2k nidoran male
5k ponyta/poliwag
10k dratini

2km’s - Both Nidoran’s the most for sure
5km - Poliwag, Ponyta & Phanpy stand out the most
10km’s - Used to get Gligar or Pineco pretty much single time but since the most recent changes, been getting Dratini or Larvitar a lot which is nice compared to before


My 5k hatches are just the worst. I got(in order): Hoppip, sneasel, mantine. From my 10k’s, I only get Dratini and skarmory

Poliwag and Lady Ratrabbit :rolling_eyes:

Jinx!! I got bloody Jinx!!!