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What Pokémon do you hatch the most

I get Mantines and Nidorans constantly. It sucks so much.

I feel you with the Nidoran’s…I defo hatch them more than anything else and they aren’t very helpful in the game

Elekid, I hatch tons o’ elekid

Based on recent hatches:

  1. Ponyta
  2. Sudowoodo
  3. Mankey

I’m on Team Instinct, and for those of you that somehow don’t know, team instinct has a better chance of hatching good eggs. I would say I tend to have good hatches. Let’s think, I’ve hatched: 1 Snorlax, 1 Aerodactle, 1 Dratini, 1 Sudowoodo, 1 Porygon, 1 Pineco, and 2 Chanceys are all the hatches I’ve had from 10 km eggs (So Practically no bad hatches).

I always Poliwag, Oddish and Dratini from eggs

Ponyta, Ponyta and more Ponyta. I find Rapidash to be a decent Pokémon but… man, come on, gimme something else in these 5km eggs.

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For awhile, my 10K eggs were Porygon. I got sick of it. If I got 10 10K eggs, 8 would be Porygon. I am glad that has finally stopped. For my 5K eggs, it has been consistently Nidoran.

I can’t stop hatching tailows.

The last 9 10 k eggs I have hatched are sableyes. No shinies, so I would rather hatch a good 5 k. I need slakoth candies though!

Nine sableye in a row? That’s awful

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I have had 3 bagon in a row.
Before that i had beldum
Before that i had ralts

Touch wood, I’ve been getting quite a mixed bag of Hatches.
I only use 2 incubators.
The infinity for 2 and 5km and a 3 use one for the 10km Eggs.
The 3 use one sits idle for long periods of time as I’m rarely getting 10km Eggs.
I don’t buy incubators anymore as all coins go into Raid Passes.

I know. And now Niantic is plaguing me by giving me no 10ks.

I just hatched nine double candy 10km eggs. Snorlax, Aerodactyl, ska rory x2, polygon x 3 SUdowoodox2 mworst Vern egg hatches hatched 4 mantine in a row earlier

You can still hatch sudowoodo in 10ks? I never ever hatched one.

I hatch all the ones I get.

2KM: Barboach
5KM: Torchic/Wingull
10KM: Dratini

At least its good to be spammed with torchic and dratini

Torchic is okay, but I actually prefer something other instead of Dratini, like Aerodactyl, Snorlax, Chimecho, Ralts, Slakoth, Trapinch, Mareep, Larvitar, Bagon, Beldum, …

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