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What is your "End Goal"?

You have your work cut out for you with those goals haha but they’re really good goals as it’s going to keep you playing for a long long time. And gives you a reason to catch every pokemon you see

I have noticed that I don’t mind walking nearly as much any more, even in the cold and rainy weather of Ireland. It keeps me entertained any time I’m out and makes the commute to work much more tolerable. Are you in a very rural area and that’s the issue with completing the Pokedex?

I work in a decent size city and have no complaints about the overall pogo experience in my area. I am able to do legendary raids and have plenty of gyms/stops.

I was referring to the ever increasing number of regionals niantic has added to the game. Barring another far fetched type event I likely won’t be getting many of the regionals…though I would love to visit your country for mr. mime. Ireland is near the top of my international travel wishlist

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There is no “End Goal” To ANY pokemon game in my opinion. Pokémon is life, and life always goes on, with each day bringing new challenges and surprises! For example, I still play Soulsilver and Y to THIS DAY! Completing the pokedex is just one thing you can do. Also, the great thing about GO is it’s constantly being updated, so there will always be new features to look forward to!


With the weather updates, Mr. Mime has become even more common in Ireland (well Dublin anyway). The city centre of Dublin is good for Pokemon Go other than the lack of players. Spawns/gyms/stops are decent.

Im Gonna Be The Very Best Like No One Ever Was…


End goal? Wait is this like when at a job interview they give you one of those questions where the answer is so blatantly obvious you start to over think why the question in the first place what garden path are they trying to lead me down now? Where’s my wife? Where’s my wallet?

i haz job now please

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There was another topic here a while back with much the same question;

My objectives are/were;
A) to get to TL40 (done)
B) complete the available dex via actual travel to see parts of the world I haven’t seen (still need Heracross, Tauros, Relicanth, Torkoal & Plusle I think - still have to evolve some Gen IIIs though: Lotad, Trapinch, Wilmer & Feebas lines )
C) at some point get all the Unowns (only 5 so far)
D) max out all of my 100% mons (stardust events are handy but with the list expanding it is now becoming a drain on my stardust resources so this is now becoming a longer term goal…)
E) catch some shiny mons (got 13 so far including a shiny Pichu, Mawile, Duskull & Gyarados)
Now we can add getting to 50m XP - this one is bit of a longer term goal…


Getting legendary pokemon, completing pokedex, and getting unown

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Ahh I’m only new to the forum so didn’t scroll back through, thanks for the heads up!

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My end goal is to complete the pokedex and to enjoy the goals when they come out.

Getting a 100iv

im really surprised it took this long for someone to type this out lol

Maybe a typical/boring answer: Completing the Pokédex, as well as being able to exercise by walking many miles to hatch eggs as well as traveling places I may not have wanted to travel to to get regional exclusives

Never had an end goal. Just wanted soms of my favorites in game. Seems like i’m almost done.

My own personal goal is to keep soloing or duoing 3s and 4s. Trying to beat certain times or challenges using unique mons to do it like the mighty moth challenge.

There will never be a end goal for me because I will never reach the level cap (which will keep on increasing) or register them all (I am a casual player that lives in a casual area).

I wanna be the very best like no one ever was…

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Play with others,hit Level 40 and gotta catch em all!

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