What feature, one main feature, would you like to see?

  • Trading, either bluetooth or online
  • PvP battles, same as trading
  • POI submission system
  • New EX raid bosses
  • Less ingame technical issues
  • Other

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Basically, I want to see it all (except the EX bosses):grin:


Down with the EX bosses!
Replace them with EXtreme quests :stuck_out_tongue::joy:


I love ex even though have 1 mewto and missed one I had so many issues yesterday during event out want pvp as well

PVP. It would bring so much joy.

Never discussed this before!

Yeah i know, but peoples opinions change, i know a month ago i wouldn’t have said trading

PvP is pointless, trading would be great, but more EX Bosses is probably my choice (yet less technical problems come close)

Everything is pointless… Its not really an argument when discussing a game.

I would like to see POI submission system. Just cause im curious how they are going to implement it.

PvP with this battle system?
So endless switching in and out until one of them dies, then maybe play it with a one other guy, and then never touch the feature again

It would be cool to test your pokemons strength.
But your also true.
Im making a topic on how the battle system could be better soon.

What Im saying is that the system need an improvement if we want PvP
This way, yeah, it would be kinda cool (still would end up in endless switching between Kyogre, Raikou and Groudon) but nobody would really play it more than a few times, unless you put in some sort of a daily reward (which doesnt make a sense in the first place, but I do see it as a form of quest)

Im working on an article on for example: more moves and more strategy

We neeed a POI submission system. Many rural players have 1 or no pokestops and gyms in their area. I am lucky in having 52 but i live in a historically significant town with lots of landmarks. There are some huge missed oppertunities in the outskirts and neighbouring town that annoy me.

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