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What do you think will be the best Pokemon in Gen 4?

Also ryperior will be good

I personally think that Weavile will disappoint… And probably Electivire and Magmortar, though I hope those 2 are good

Weavile will be more like Jynx I think, just one million times cooler

Finally I can use my 2 Lapras…

Arceus stats
Attack: 262
Defense: 262
Stamina: 240
So his Attack and Defense are the same,but the Stamina is less.

Sure? This was tweeted on march second:

You are fake news

I don’t. The problem is that normally the only way i get gyms taken down is by people from cities, all at once, after being there for weeks.

I dont understand, thats still better than not getting anything, especially how easily you can reclaim them

Probably faked

I got it from a PoGo community here

Obvious photoshop

I wish all gyms would be reset at the end of the day, or that you can get your pokemon back from afar.


I agree 1000%
My 2600 cp Vaporeon has been stuck for 53 days and counting.
Something needs to change. Maybe after two weeks it gets auto-returned?

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I don’t have high hopes for weavile either, but I’m looking forward to garchomp

That would destroy the point of gym defense

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I see your point. I think the best option is to add a withdraw button.

Brought this up already. A withdraw feature would be very much satisfying.

If that’s the case just put pidgeys in gyms and then you don’t have the issue. You shouldn’t be putting Pokemon that you use for battling in gyms anyway.


Got way off topic