What are we expecting from Quests?

Honest opinions on what we think quests will be like? I know there is a lot of things we would like to see, but what are we expecting?

In my personal opinion, I think it will eventually be the way that they release mythical Pokemon into the game, maybe incorporating raids into that as well.

im expecting alot of dust rewards new clothing and maybe a chunck of exp given out.

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Quest-only Pokemon!!
Start with Mythicals (duh), then maybe give out babies (of course, they would still be availible through eggs) and then maybe add like 1-3 quest-only Pokemon per generation, like how Absol and Mawile are raid-only


Stardust rewards would be good, I think everyone would be a fan. New clothing I’d say will be in there, but I really don’t see the point. I wouldn’t waste my time on avatar appearance.

I like that idea, could be a way to eventually introduce the Pokemon that aren’t available yet?

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Mew, celebi, jirachi . SO HYPED FOR MYTHICAL RELEASE

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Cool trainer gear.

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One word, mythicals

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There would need to be a way to get all the legendaries through it, unless Niantic are willing to give them away somewhere else.

Just like how Mythicals might be quest-exclusive, legendaries might stay raid-exclusive, even tho i wouldnt want that


Legendaries staying raid exclusive would require some changes to the raid system to make them viable.

they already found rewards:

Quest rewards or types are based around templates that seem to be a blueprint for quest generation (not verified yet):


the biggest one is of course Pokemon encounter, it could be pidgeys or mythicals and anything in between.

Not really

There needs to be a way to get legendaries solo

Maybe in the future but not any time soon. As difficult as it is being a rural player, the raid system has been a success, so why change it?

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Getting legendaries alone seems rather cheap. Yall gonna exploit it or cry it’s too difficult.

Leave Mew an Celebi for Ex Raid like they should be.

The pokemon from quest should just be special moves or shiny. Not no legendary/mythical

The problem with that is there is no way to get legendaries at all even in groups of e.g 2

The game isn’t fair at all in general. Thats why they do nothing bout spoofing. It levels things out for everyone.:man_shrugging:t5:

Take in this scenario:

Your new trainer you know of pokemon BUT never played PokemonGo you either see or heard that if you quest you get Mew.

It’s gonna be level restricted or be a hard quest that has many parts. Either the new players will cry that they need to level…[.then possibly cheat to level(?) ] Or complaine till they finally get their diesired pokemon.

With ex any level can get the mew pass you just need to play gyms alot alot alot.

me and my cousin gotten every ex since december. Ex is available to every level( new adjustments probably more for high levels)

To me a free pokemon is not skill or deserverable by any trainer and anyone who wants a free pokemon should lose all their high cp pokemon and restart the game.:man_shrugging:t5::man_shrugging:t5::man_shrugging:t5:jus my opinion (if it gonna be free mon pay homage to eevee (shiny maybe) or lapras)

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They will need to give out passes to encounter the mon rather than give out free ones. it will be a Legend Pass

The Legend pass will be available at any stop where you will need to battle a high level Mythical and solo it. If you lose you dont get it.

Time limit : 1 Hour
cp: mewtwo cp level
catch rate: 7%
solo: Yes
rejoinable: Of course
difficulty lvl: depending on trainer level

Mewtwo CP level? Why and how?

Mewtwo isn’t that high of cp. I don’t really look at cp but isn’t groudon and ky higher🤷🏾‍♂️

Yall want legendary so it gonna have to be big boss cp like Mewtwo.

Wym how? It’s a boss…just like raid it will be stronger than gym fights.

edit- Maybe half mewtwo since your playing alone or a quarter.