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What are we expecting from Quests?

Mythicals arent legendaries, you keep confusing them
Also, what do you mean by CP? Actual stats like Mewtwo or just show the same CP

the boarder for mythical an legendary are just a word to me. They are both rare and hard to catch.

Cp meaning that BIG number you see when you go into a raid. Not stats unless it’s Mew, where they are almost the same🤷🏾‍♂️

Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, Manaphy, Victini and (I think) Shaymin all have the same stats, so mew isnt the only exception

And if its just the number then it doesnt mean a crap

Mew would be the most in demand to be in quest if that was to be a reward.

I think the distinction between legendaries and mythical is important for Pokémon Go. In the core games, legendaries are available to capture, mythical however are only obtainable through events. Do you see where I’m going with this? In the core games mythical were available to anyone who followed the proper steps, they could have only a starter and still receive one, legendaries on the other hand did require a person to be a high level and were not gifted to the player.

It REALLY doesn’t matter if non-raiders get access to Legendaries through some system. Let’s just imagine Niantic introduce another mechanic: abstain from raiding for a month to get some Legendary pokemon not ever obtainable through any other means (including raiding!), and every month the reward for this feat changes to another Legendary mon, which also won’t ever be obtainable through any other means. And so on, repeat ad nauseum.

Ofcourse, plenty raiders would cry out, since those Legendaries would effectively be impossible to get for them, even though they had access to another legendary during that same month through raiding. And ofcourse, they’d make minute calculations every month to make sure that the Pokemon they got for raiding would be better than the one rewarded for abstaining from raiding. Preferably at least 10 percent better!

Sorry, but special snowflake rewards are bad game design if the developer of the game doesn’t do its utmost best to give all players equal opportunity to access that content.

And Niantic hasn’t shown much effort in giving rural players similar opportunity. Far from it. They keep hiding the expansion of rural pokestops and gyms behind a high level in a different game (and getting to lvl 12 in that other game is easier said than done when your area and all local portals are covered beneath a single fifty square km field, you effectively can’t do anything when that happens). So, unless they’re working on something to make raiding actually accessible to the rural players (I’d suggest linking gyms to create some cross-gym raids, kinda like cross-server raids in WoW), there’s no excuse for not rewarding Legendaries through the quest system.

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Thanks for explaining.

So basically i can get a Mew on a lvl 1…lmao that is so horrible.

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(CP doesnt mean anything)

CP is an indication derived from the more important things, like raw stats, and from which you can crudely deduce these raw stats. It indicates a mon’s overal strength, and rather clearly demonstrates how a max level pokemon with terrible IV is still exponentially better than a lvl 1 pokemon with max IV.

IV hunting is nice, I do it myself too, obviously, but as long as my max IV Mons aren’t max level as well, they’re merely long term projects, while I’m using high level / low IV Mons to actually raid and attack gyms.

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I just hopw they don’t muck it up by forcing us to spend more money. I know everything can’t be free but must everything come at a steep price? Damn.