Ways to combat Team Rocket

Topic to share your tips when battling against tr.
My tips:
1: Use super effective Pokemon. I battled against a tr without se pokes and lost with the last poke at like 1% hp, but with se Pokemon (my Ttar in this case) Ko’d all 3 pokes without it getting ko’d

2: Preparation
Just looking on the Internet for strats will help but this also applies in-game, so power up & evolve Pokemon too.

3: Experience
Trying to battle as many tr grunts as you can will make you better against battling them so if you can battle them, you should

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Just use Tyranitar.

I use 2 tyranitar and a mewtwo and its not difficult at all

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I use Tyranitar, metagross and dragonite. Works fairly good

I use my 93% L40 Giratina (alt forme) and it’s not very often I get to the 2nd Pokemon.

They usually give you hints of the type of pokemon’s they are going to use in the dialogue box. So you choose a pokemon who has an advantage over that type of pokemon.

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What movesets would you recommend for those?

Now i use Garchomp; outrage ko’s most of them

My lineup:
Garchomp- outrage/fireblast
Mewtwo- psystrike/focus blast
Garchomp- fireblast

I don’t even do Team Rocket stops unless I’m at work and the only pokestop on our whole facility has been taken over.

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Only for TR I defined 5 teams - and I switch them based on the hint what is expected. But yes, most of them can be solved by generic team - the only tricky ones are ‘Winning is for winners’ / ‘Don’t bother I have already won’.

TR stops are great from two perspectives

  • source of great IV - the fact that purification gives you +2 to each stat is great - also lover cost of training
  • easy source of Dragon mon - to complete task ‘Catch dragon to get 3 rare candy’
    Here is my current purified stash (after 493 encounters):

Hey! You use hexadecimal for iv’s as well!!!

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Yeah, I realised at some point it makes more sense than my previous scheme (iv xx-xx-xx) :slight_smile:
As you can see (two FFF fully evolved at the end) in the beginning I missed the concept of getting special move from community day - so those two are the waste…
Now I have mons called ‘wait XXX’ which are waiting for December to be evolved :slight_smile:

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Nice! It is super efficient. Just one symbol per IV.

To get back on topic, I found tyranitars to be very useful against snorlax from team rocket

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There is very nice article about this on Hub - I came back to it quite often (well, maybe not now - when you approaching 500 you just know what they have and what you should use).

I did not participated in community days earlier - so I have no good Tyranitars (one Pupitar FFF waiting for December) - so my generic team is Aggron (Smack Down , Stone Edge), Machamp(Counter, Dynamic+Rock Slide) and Gyrados (Waterfall,Hydro Pump) - but I do not remember when last time I had to use Gyrados.

Like I said earlier - the only tricky encounters are when they say ‘Winning for winners’…
One of the combinations - Snorlax + Poliwrath + Gyrados - costed me over 15 faited pokemons before I picked the right team.I use for them Hariyama + Mewtwo + Machamp.

TLDR: Tyranitar should suffice against anything not named grass, water, ground and “Ive already won”
Raikou murders water, Moltres/Heatran murder grass, Kyogre beats Ground and Ive already won can always win if you wind up with an unlucky choice of Pokémon - usually its best to do a test round with TTar, Heatran and Dialga to see what Pokémon does he have before preparing accordingly

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Tran? (The only thing that comes to mind for that is Heatran; but with over 300 mons now my brain’s namespace is rapidly exceeded in most name-guessing exercises.)

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Yes Heatran sorry

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I just use Giratina.

Makes every battle easy.

Lick Snorlax has entered the chat

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Raikou murders water which is not named Swampert. Because of Swampert I prefer my FP Venusaur against water. He eats Swampert for breakfast! Other risk is of course Gyarados, but in water he’s very rare. But I always put Raikou as second just in case.

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