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Ways to combat Team Rocket

Lapras though?

Lapras works good in Winning is for winners with starters, because he both destroyes Fire (Surf) and Grass (Ice Beam) and resists the water. For Gyarados Lapras doesn’t work: his water typing removes his Flying weakness for Ice. On the other hand it gives him a 4 times weakness to Electric, so prefer Raikou against him.

No, I meant that Lapras kills your grass counters anyway so you might as well mow the water grunt down with Raikou and save a Roserade for the case where he has a Swampert

That’s an option as wel indeed. But I prefer my Venusaur over Roserade in these match-ups due to a better bulk. And as soon as Lapras comes in I switch to Raikou. Never seen both Lapras and Swampert in 1 Rocket battle btw.

Don’t use the team this site picked to go against Giovanni. I used Machamp, Gyrados, and Rhyperior, and had much easier time.

Honestly my Machamp (100%, L40) had no chance against Giovanni’s Persian in december. I used Metagross there to clean the shields and beat him, so after that I could clean up the rest with Kyogre and Tyranitar.

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Never tried Metagross, but my Machamp did great. Even took out half of his Rhydon after killing the Persian. I don’t have a good Kyogre either. And my TTar got killed early too when I tried that.

I use Lucario with power up punch against Giovanni. It has a lot more resistance and fast charge move that hits harder and harder. Shields are down really fast.

Not sure if it was posted here but one dude beat him with a single Poliwrath

Probably same dude that beat the game with just a Magicarp.


What move set achieves a second charge attack fastest for the purpose of burning their shields? Lucario with Bullet Punch / Power Up Punch at 3.6 seconds TTFA beats out Machamp’s fastest set (Karate Chop / Dynamic Punch at 4 seconds). But Machoke with Karate Chop / Brick Break appears to beat both at 3.2 seconds.

There must be other factors at work that mitigate these comparisons ‚Äď like time to perform fast move, time to perform charge move, how many fast moves it takes to charge the charge move, etc. So, again, which fast/charge combo is able to go from start to second charge move in the least time?

I took down Cliff this morning. He hit me with Meowth, Snorlax, and Tyranitar, which I beat with Blaziken, Dialga, and Machamp.

Tonight I went for Giovanni, who used Persian, Rhydon :grin:, and Zapdos. I barely beat that with Tyranitar, Swampert, and Machamp. I used a shield against the Persian (to preserve the Ttar as much as possible for the final battle), and as soon as the Ttar was charged I switched to Machamp to use up Giovanni‚Äôs team‚Äôs shields. As soon as the Rhydon came in I switched to Swampert, then to Ttar for Zapdos ‚Ķ which won even though the Ttar got off a charged attack as it ‚Äėfainted‚Äô. The tiny bit of life left in my Swampert finished off the Zapdos.

Is Dragonite good for busting Persian as well? Or is the damage output too much for the dino to handle?

Maybe somebody here has done that comparison in the poke-battler?

In theory, it looks to me like Dragonite could be pretty interchangeable with Ttar against Persian. But which one stands up best against Shadow Zapdos? After all, that is its main purpose in this fight ‚Äď tangling with Persian is just what it has to endure in order to prepare for the Zapdos. If it inflicts some good damage on the cat while charging up, then that helps the Machamp finish the job before getting finished, itself.

Enough variables to overwhelm my brain, pre-caffeine. I’ll try a Dragonite next time; but my Ttar has the advantage of being maxed-out (so I wonder if my Dragonite will be enough).

Dragonite mows down shields far quicker than Tyranitar, which is the main reason Id consider him - it helped me immensly against Arlo
One thing Im not sure about is if he can take neutral hits, because Arlo’s Scyther hit me like a truck with just Night Slash, a non-STAB 50BP move

I battled Cliff for the first time today. He had Meowth, Flygon and Infernape. I used Lucario (Counter / Shadow ball), Mamoswine (Powder snow / Avalanche) and Swampert (Mud shot / Hydro cannon). I won on my first try! And I got my first shadow Meowth and also my first shiny Meowth and shiny shadow Pokemon!

Machamp is what I use to mow down the shields, whereas Ttar is for finishing off Zapdos. The Ttar fights Persian just long enough to get close to charge move, before letting Machamp take over (so Ttar will be ready to hit Zapdos right away with a charge attack).

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Not even a hint? What fast and charge move combo is able to produce two charge attacks in the shortest time?

(My goal is to burn the opponent’s 2 shields before putting in my heavy hitters.)

I think that Fury Cutter + X-Scissor might be the anwser, Dragon Breath + Dragon Claw also fares decently well but it doesnt outpace Arlo’s Scyther

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Don’t know the exact answer per Stats to your question but I do know from different ones I like to use my Melmetal with Thunder Shock and Rick Slide is very quick at ripping out the Charge Moves.