User of the month!

Welcome to the user of the month!
At the end of evert month we will count the votes in the poll and then the most voted user will be the user of the month!

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Here is the poll for May:

  • Jormdeworm
  • KingQ07
  • Robdebobrob
  • bobbyjack8
  • BadassFroslass
  • JoshHack
  • 5GodLink
  • Necrozmadebest
  • kRe
  • Alaskabear41
  • alex9945
  • bagguille
  • NotanotherKangashkan
  • Thorend
  • BowmoreZuiperd
  • SnivyStar
  • Brobraam

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I guess you can’t vote for yourself…

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You can but thats not kind to other players.

I’m not gonna try to be rude so I’m just gonna vote for someone else

I voted for @Jormdeworm

We need at least 15 votes before we can say who is the user of the month

How do you get nominated for this??? It’s not even official, but there IS a way to do a User of the Month officially if Thorend wanted.

Its just for fun to look wich users people like

Translation: @KingQ07 forgot @HyperBeam

Oh sorry @HyperBeam i just did the top 20(around 20) users this month

LOL, no, that’s not what I was implying, I was just wondering how those users got put on the poll


Wait @KingQ07 this poll is for May?

We vote in April to be the user of May so yes it is

Fixed it

Who voted me :wink:

I haven’t voted yet, because the month isn’t over😉

Vote for cup


Why for May?

Thanks for voting for me guys, but what have i actually done that warrants a nomination? :slight_smile: