Unreleased Pokemons in Pokedex Hoenn? Date

I know number 377 Regirock, 379 Registeel will come in July and August (Next will be GEN4)
What about other non Legendary SPECIAL Pokemons -

They might come in 2019

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Some of them such ad smergle and the nincada line haven’t been added for there effects/moves not currently functioning within the current system. For example nincadas finalevolition is ni jasj but if it was evolved with a spave in the party you would also get shedninja. Shed ninja had 1 hp but only would take damage from criticals. Since we do have a main party or critical hits it would currently be impossible for it to be added.So either there going to have to be creative with them, miss them out or rework the system to implement it. When that will happen is anyone’s guess.

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For clarity:
290-292 are Nincada, Ninjask and Shedinja.
327 is Spinda.
352 is Kecleon.
366-368 are Clamperl, Gorebyss and Huntail.

Here’s why they’re not released.
Shedinja has an ability only allowing it to be hit with supereffective moves, and it only has 1 hp.

Spinda has literally 4.2 billion variations (8.4 including shinies) I’m going to guess that’s a lot for the game and servers to compute.

Kecleon has an ability changing its type to the type of move it was last hit by.

Clamperl requires an evolution item to evolve into huntail and a different one for gorebyss. Maybe they will require trading to evolve


They’ll come in events like the delibird event most likely, they all have reasons for not being ijn game


How do you know they will come in July and August? Do you work for Niantic, or was it leaked? No and no! Stop putting false info that might not actually happen

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I am very impressed and learned alot!

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If spinda has so many variants why don’t they release it like they did for Unowns (5 new Unowns every event)

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Hope so…:expressionless:
They will be for this christmas

You don’t have common sense
If registeel or regirock comes in this month july22
Come to me and give metagross or Salamence for a cheap Pokemon

You know, how about if they include Shedinja, by only getting it KO’d when someone uses a super effective charge that actually hits it. That way, it is similar to killing it with only super-effective moves.


The whole 28 unowns were released at once, it is just that they do events to save people trouble.

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Also, that many Spindas would overload the server like @Mapman42 said




How about the 19th or 18th when Regice leaves.

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with spinda we have had 8 variants added to the game data already, although not actually properly released yet. So I imagine with that they just have the 8 or a few more so that it doesn’t crash everything. Think there was an article on it a while back.

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Ever heard about speculations?

Aha he won’t reply for a while, he’s had his account suspended funnily enough for toxic attitude :joy::joy: sending love to the admins.

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I haven’t read that topic before I replied here😂 Maybe he’ll answer once he has access to the forum again, who knows…