Unown - Letters Released on Events

I want to make a list of all Unown letters and check whether which ones are released on events (and what events released that letter) and which ones have yet to see a release. I might miss an event so please do reply if I missed one.

A - Chicago, Yokohama, Safari
B -
C - Chicago, Twitch
D - Anaheim
E - Europe, Seoul
F - Safari
G - Chicago
H - Chicago, Yokohama, Twitch
I - Chicago, Safari, Twitch
J -
K - Yokohama
L - Anaheim, Seoul
M - Yokohama
N -
O - Chicago, Europe, Yokohama, Anaheim, Seoul
P - Europe,
Q -
R - Europe, Anaheim, Safari
S - Anaheim, Safari, Seoul
T - Twitch
U - Europe, Seoul
V -
W - Anaheim, Twitch
X -
Y - Yokohama
Z -

Chicago - C, H, I, A, G, O
Europe - E, U, R O, P
Yokohama - Y, O, K, H, A, M,
Anaheim - W, O, R, L, D, S
Safari - S, A, F, R, I
Twitch - T, W, I, C, H,
Seoul - S, E, O, U, L

-Only B, J, N, Q, V, X, and Z have not been released on events
-Unown O has been in 5 out of the 7 events so far while A, H, I, R, and S are in 3 of them.

Edit: Thank you roryhersee and eno for the correction

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This is great! So we’re missing only 7 letters. I’ll make a chart on the official Hub website with this


I’m pretty sure Anaheim spelt W-O-R-L-D-S


Anaheim Unown is not F, I, N, A, L, S.
Anaheim Unown is W,O,R,L,D,S (Pokémon World Championships)


I managed to get all the Safari and Europe letters during the respective events.
One of my friends managed to catch an Unown H and T at the Oberhausen Safari Event.

I have yet to see an Unown outside an event. None near my city so far. I’ve heard rumors about them spawning in other cities in my country, but I never actually saw one in the wild except events.

Great List! Hopefully we’ll see all letters spawn at some point!

Edited. Thanks for the correction.

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Correct! I was there and WORLDS was the word of the event.

I have 6 Unown (none from events). I have O R S T W Z

would be cool to have a regional swap chart (heracross for go fest, kangaskhan for europe)

Does anyone knows whether Unown “?” and “!” are released?

will probably be released with gen 3 because they were released then in the main series


Yet to see Unown in wild :expressionless:

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If Niantic is looking for cities/countries to release these letters in, here are some ideas. Some new cities in countries that have not have events before (also, looking at different regions around the world) [Note: please don’t say things like “no, it should be in released in this city instead of this city” and fight about it; it’s just an opinionated list for fun. Feel free to build off and give more suggestions for each unreleased letter, but don’t fight over it. This isn’t worth fighting over because it’s a theoretical list with events that will probably never happen at Niantic’s pace.]

B is for Banff, as in Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada. Canada’s first official event, located in a famous part of Canada.
J is for Johannesburg, a city in South Africa, and creating the first event on the African continent.
N is for Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas. A tropical themed event, perhaps?
Q is for Quezon City, a city just outside of Manila, Philippines.
V is for Veracruz, Mexico, a historic port city.
X is for DXB, which is the city code for Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The glistening city would be perfect for an event (trust me, I’ve been there 5 times!)
Finally, Z is for New Zealand; an event like Pokemon Go Korea Fest could occur here.

Obviously, I discluded countries that have had/will have had events before, like US, Japan, Korea, many European countries (Safari Zone), etc.

Feel free to build and/or support this list. Again, this is just for fun; don’t get mad if your country/city wasn’t included.


Maybe we should give London a proper chance for an event?


Although it wasn’t “London”, the UK has already had an event (Chester). This being said, I hope that the UK gets more events (hopefully as many as the US), in addition to the new continents mentioned.


I wonder if they will ever make unown event, but worldwide, since those real-life sucks alot for rest of the world

I think they did the right call by making Unown absurdly rare. It makes you look forward for something in Pokemon GO. If they made Unown common and people already completed them, it’ll make the game boring at least until a new update shows up. This Unown rarity makes you look forward to completing something for at least the years to come.

Rotoms are awaiting for you to be captured after completing Unown. Just kidding.

But did you heard that to catch all unowns outside of events and without any hacks you would have to spend ~80 YEARS wasting every second of your life on Pokemon Go?

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Lmao I don’t think Pokemon GO will last for 80 years. Even Pokemon franchise has just celebrated its 20th anniversary, how would Pokemon GO break the record?