Unlimited raid pass

I’m sure I’m not the only one who loves raiding, but as I have loads of free time each week due to only working for about 10hrs, I find raiding becomes very expensive at $1 per raid pass.

An unlimited raid pass would be bought at the start of the day and cost 10 times what a single raid pass would i.e. $10. The pass would only be valid until midnight that night and can be used on all raids except ex-raids. Other options could include weekly for $50, monthly for $150, 3 month for $400, or 12 month for $1000.

I believe this would go a long way to re-invigerating the raid scene and help make the game more fun for people with lots of time on their hands and without having to watch their wallet too much.

Please note these are not bought with real money, the prices are indicative of real world costs.


I’d definitely support the idea of a “day-pass”. I have often found myself not doing certain raids after my free pass of the day is gone, just because I thought it was too expensive to raid a Shuppet, Duskull, whatever with a premium pass (and not getting a shiny then…)
When you plan to go out for a day of raids, a day-pass would really make sense. Not sure about the others though.

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I often buy 30-50 passes a week easy, at ~$1 per pass, that’s up to $2600 a year, and that only allows 7-8 raids a day or 2-3hrs worth a day. The $1000 deal would save me $1600 per annum and allow me to have fun raiding without blowing a budget.

Like the idea but hate the cost
This would make it too much pay2win, what about making the price 10* higher and turning it into Pokécoins? 10k coins for a yearly pass sounds ok

10000 coins is $100

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Because lets face it, making literally anything but coins cost money in this game is a terrible idea

And? Most people would buy it from coins they gather since even 100 is a lot for a “free to play” game

100 bucks to get 365 days worth of unlimited poasses? no, that way too cheap for what you’d be getting.


They still have to make money.

The amounts listed in the original post is price in real world currency, which of course would have been converted to coins already.

But they would still make money?
100k coins is 2000 days of defending, thats not possible unless you pay, hence pay2win

Lots of people spend dozens or hundreds of dollars a week on the game due to raids.

And they would still make money from people that buy coins for boxes, this pass, sponsors, etc

Or 200 days worth of gym defence, raise the price any higher and it would be a p2w item

there is nothing wrong with it being P2W in this case. Making is too cheap means everybody can (and most likely will) do every raid there is. Imagine all the level 1 shiny raids there will be done? it would crush Niantics biggest income: making money of people buying passes. This would be a bad result.

I like the idea, really do. Many players around me just use a freely pass and nothing else which ruins the hardcore raiding scene the further the day goes by.
But it does have to be something for the elite. Otherwise it will kill Niantic

other option: strickt rules to which raids these passes apply. Like: no level 1 raids / shiny raids, no Gengar days,or perhaps no soloable raids. This would justify a lower cost.

Exactly the point.

In my regional city, the casuals often dictate when raids can get done rather than the hardcore as there aren’t enough hardcore players here. The end result is that level 5 raids more often than not, can only happen in the late afternoon or on weekends.

But there is something wrong with it costing so much, since GO is mainly meant to be free to play with the possibility to get more if you want to
Even the most expensive stuff can be gained by defending and not spending hundreds or thousands into the game
And it isnt something for the “elite”, its not something for those who just play a lot, its something for those who can SPEND a lot, and thats the issue

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And endless raid pass for a thousand would solve literally 0 problems from what youve mentioned, since casuals wouldnt spend a thousand into the game for it anyways

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It would make it more worth while to do level 3 and 4 raids. People who are available during the day often don’t want to spend money on anything except level 5, so unlimited passes would mean that people can do lower level raids during times when there aren’t enough players to do level 5 raids.

You said that casuals dictate if you can do tier 5s, right?
The hardcore players buing the pass wouldnt suddenly make the casuals more willing/availible

But these deals could be the difference between a player being able to afford to spend the day raiding or not.