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Unlimited raid pass

But a casual wouldnt spend that much money on it

They might be willing to spend the equivalent of less than 300 coins a day if it means they can do a lot of raids without spending too much. Many people pay double that for a cup of coffee.

But casuals dont want to do a lot of raids

That might change if they can afford to buy the unlimited pass deal.

The unlimited passes are more for hardcore players who love raiding and can afford to spend at least a few dollars a day on the game, but don’t want their spending getting out of control.

if you want to make if fair, for both hardcore and casuals, only give out the option for a daily / weekend version of this pass.
The moment you do week, month or year the whole thing isn’t balanced anymore.

I think this would solve the entire discussion. Everyone happy?

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How about,
I don’t even have 100 dollars to start of with.
Because I am an under spoiled child.
I only have 70
My best friend has 200 dollars most of the time!!!

This is the reason why I disagree with the cost: it doesnt reward playtime, skill, or anything like that, it rewards you for simply giving them money
I dont want this EA kind of thing in GO

True, I don’t play for a whole day anyway, but that is because my life is horrible.
I do not my own phone will cellular service, so can’t drive… oh wait, I am only 12, I have to bike everywhere I go. So there is not way my working parents will take me on a whole more than 4 hours of Pokémoning

No game is meant/designed to be free to play. Companies do not release a product if they can’t make a profit. That’s why they sell raid passes, incubators etc. they still give you a pass, an infinite incubator, items required to play the game then sell additional items for those willing to pay for more.

Regardless of whether it is a single use pass or a day pass they are still selling it and people who invest money will always have a leg up on those who don’t.


But they make it you can actually afford everything without paying a single cent (sorry if I wasnt specific enough)

This is sarcastic, right? If nothing but coins cost money, then why have coins in the first place? (i.e. What would you use coins for, if nothing else had a cost?)

Unless you don’t consider coins to represent money in the game, in which case you’re assuming everybody has the time and proximity to gyms to sustain pokemon in gyms for obtaining coins.

“if nothing but coins costs miney, then why even have coins in the first place”
wtf? you mean how has it been for over two years now? I dont know, maybe have coins since you aquire those by other means than just buying them?

So if we are considering pokecoins to be the legal tender inside the game, and things cost pokecoins, then they cost money. Some privileged players will be able to earn all the coins they need from inside the game, many others might find occasion to score a few coins by having a pokemon last a few hours in a gym now and then, but the rest of us plebs will need to pony up and buy them the old fashioned way.

Getting back on topic, this would be a great option for players who want to do multiple raids in a day and would still offer Niantic some financial benefit. I’d love to see some form of this implemented


Which is why I suggest to make them cost coins instead

Your statement makes no sense. Everything in the in game store costs coins. You can either buy coins (helping Niantic financially) allowing players to take advantage as often as they choice or earn 50 coins a day for several days which is free to play.

There is no downside to the concept.

Because lets face it, making literally anything but coins cost money in this game is a terrible idea

Sorry for the pseudo-misunderstanding – since costing coins means costing money for players for whom there is no viable other way to get coins, then your comment seemed to imply that nothing would cost coins, either, because that means costing money.

Ah, sorry for that
I meant that the only thing that should cost actual money should be coins themselves, which makes everything availible without having to pay

You play on someone else’s phone??

The only thing in the store you can buy in game with real life currency is pokecoins. But that being said, basically by spending real life money on poke-coins and buying incubators, raid passes/a day raid pass you are essentially spending real life money on those things.(if I’m misunderstanding you sorry in advance) I like this concept, because I know some causal players (like me) only do limited raids due to not wanting to spend our free pass or a ton of premium passes on 1or 2 tier raids, if I buy a day raid pass I wouldn’t feel the need to skip over tier 1-3 raids.