Transfer shiny by accident?

More and more shinies are being released to the wild gradually, when trainers might miss or not pay attention to the shiny sparkle in the Pokémon encounter screen, they might try to transfer it right after catching, not even checking for the shiny in the recently caught in inventory, is there any warning or reminder, just the transferring event Pokémon, popping up and asking if they really want to transfer such Pokémon or not? Thank you.

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Yes there is a reminder. “Do you really want to transfer this Shiny Pokémon?”

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Exactly the warning is to make sure you don’t transfer a shiny. BUT

Just like in the pokemon games you could forget to look, i remember being in pokecentres forever just clicking A and they were already healed lol.

Be careful!


yes, that happened to me once with a shiny Roseleia

I dont even have a shiny roselia

And guess what I came very close to doing today.

It’s now made harder as it looks like after lots of people asking for AR+ for Android, we get the bug as a part way, so no sparklies … thank god I noticed the transfer check screen had different writing …

Today I caught shiny Mawile, but there were no sparkles because of that flying camera movement. Luckily, I immediately knew it was shiny. But some other shiny Pokemon are hard to recognize.

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Me with a shiny Plusle…

I caught it for the Mareep quest and I didn’t even notice it was shiny🤦🏻‍♂️

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That one’s hard to tell.

Yeah… Sunkern and Natu too. And Bulbasaur, but that’s the easiest one of these.

Same :wink: A tip to all: The red ( I have no idea) thing on top of Natu’s head will be yellow, so if you see one, catch it :wink:

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Along with natu, see, those have only one noticable difference.

Only Pineco is very different and you can’t miss it.

Shiny Houndour is blue instead of black

Speaking of shiny Houndour, I just got one today!


I got a shiny Pineco today thru the quest of evolving 3 Natu or Sunkern, sorry @Pokemon

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Your first time completing it?

I completed 3 same tasks together at the same time, the first time I click to encounter, boom, shiny Pineco,

The only time I got that quest it was normal pineco.

Out of the 3 same quests I completed, only 1 Pineco is shiny.