Too much events?

I do believe Niantic needs to stop with events for a while. You only throw away your balls on few boosted Pokémon who aren’t even that good, and everywhere. You can get the evolves too easily. Collections of useless but rare mons. And you are searching for shinies, if they ever come. If you are unlucky you don’t even get it. Those boxes you want to buy…
With NO events, you can stack up your PokéBalls (for Community Days for example). You can save your PokéCoins, or you can buy Bug Upgrades or Storage Upgrades with it. And: It is more difficult to get certain mons.
This all keeps me playing.
So my opinion is that they should organise less events than this. IMO It’s just too much and too fast.

What do you think about this? And all these events?
(I still like the events though)

  • Totally agree.
  • I agree but not totally. (Tell me what/why?)
  • Well, I don’t know.
  • Some things are true but lots not. (Tell me what/why?)
  • Totally disagree with it (tell me why?)

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I like these events,So i dont want them to stop the events.

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How can you like them if you cannot even get a nice quantity of PokéBalls and PokéCoins with these events?

the events are nice but they are really coming too fast right now. We had 24 hours between the current and the last event.
There is already another event announced for this month and next month we get Safari event in Dortmund and the month after we get Go Fest (And even for those that are not going, they will get something to do during these event). Then there are the Community Days and if you this all up it comes down to 1 event after the other.

So again, event = nice
too many event in a row = burnout.


Exactly. We get too much events per month. (Not that I don’t like them, though).

I think they’re a great idea. For me the game becomes a bit stagnant with no events, just catching the usual pidgeys and weedles. The current even has an abundance of Machops, which I can’t imagine anyone would say no to. There are new shinies to hunt for. Once these events provide us with something meta relevant, or a bonus (double XP or stardust), I say keep them coming!


I use almost all my pokeballs in events.
And i want that, becuase almost no rarer pokemons spawn outside events(for rurals like me)

Basically, that’s the whole reason. It just needs time, but IMO we didn’t really get that.

U get some usefull pokemons outside events(magikarp) but i almost only get weedle and spinarak so i love events.


Thanks to events like this I’ve actually had more pokeballs than ever! I don’t even throw a ball at a Pokémon if it’s not shiny in many cases during this event, but I’m still very motivated to play. I don’t need for example more hariyama so why would I catch makuhita?

I voted “totally agree”… Not because I don’t like events. I love events! But when there is constantly an event going on, how can we still appreciate events? An event is not an event any more, if it’s a permanent condition. From time to time we just need the boring Pidgey, Weedle,… spawns to get back to the ground. And I still like doing those old-fashioned mass-evolve lucky egg sessions, but for that I need my trash mons…

And like @Jormdeworm already stated: stocking up on Pokéballs (especially when you don’t have a stop every 10 meters) is hard when you are constantly catching event Pokémon, because you have to fear they will never ever spawn again in a reasonable number to evolve and power up… (We had loads of Makuhita when they came out, then nothing for weeks or even months, now it’s back… but who knows what it’s like after the event?)

I’d really prefer to have a week or so between the events to “calm down”.


The events are amazing but not only can I not find any shiny I have non from recent events Andy I have 2 pokeballs left even with the extra gym stuff I have exams so I don’t have time to walk round there everyday

Agree. I am running out of poke balls with all these random ‘celebrations’. I just think It’s too much, especially if Adventure Week will be in May.
Just this month, there was the end of WGG, fighting event, a hugely anticipated community day, and possibly Adventure Week?!:flushed:

Not possibly, it will come. Maybe directly when the Battle Showdown event is over.
And that’s the problem. I don’t have enough time to stack up some balls.

I like the events. Nobody is forcing you to go all out. I don’t really care if I catch a shiny mahukita or meditite or not.
Strangely, with this event my bag is full all the time (1500 items). But that’s because I keep spinning at all my golden gyms in the area.

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Well, pokeballs are never really a problem for me. Enough stops and gyms arround. My plus gets rid of the red ones, i myself throw the blues (or delete them if storage is to full) and i can save ultras for community day.
And you arent forced to get the boxes. Its nice to have the option to get it whenever you want to, but you could just get bag upgrades if you want those. Thats just a matter of making a choice.

I do agree there are too many events at the moment, but not for the reasons you list. Just cause theres no pause between them. I think theres a risk of getting “event fatigue”.

If everything is an event, nothing is an event.

I wouldn’t mind a week with no event just to relax a little at this point…seems like there has been almost constant events for a while now.

From niantic’s perspective, I get it. People spend more money the more they play

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These events increase gameplay and Niantic makes more money selling stuff in the store. We got Adventure week coming like a week to 10 days after Fighting event ends.

I just skip May community day for the biggest part. Just want some stardust

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