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Too much events?

Because at new events almost everytime a new shiny releases do i shiny check them.

I must say that I like all your opinions, though.

Also, I totally agree with @HeracrossVille, a week or so NO events, I’d like to see it. It gives you a calm down. I really need that tbh. And then, after the week another event? Well if it happens I don’t give a complaint.
Just need to rest from it😁

I would like a week with no events but with a extra pokeballs drops


Then your bag gets full

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But you have extra items (so pokeballs aswell) from gyms right now.

I dont agree with it totally, but only because I do like the events, I dont mind using the resources as thats the point in the game, HOWEVER, too many events ARE burning us out… The adventure week took a lot out of me and my best mate, we were out every single day desperate to get a shiny aerodactyl and kabuto, finally got a kabuto on the final day but 117 evolve an omanyte or kabuto quests later NO shiny Aerodactyl. We gave that our all too… Now this event started, we have lasted 2 days into the event and now are staying home completely shattered today, and likely tomorrow and onward till bodies recover, muscles are sore, we need a rest… we got ONE shiny Kyogre and one shiny Shellder and have stopped to take a rest… We shouldnt be having to rest during these events, they need to give us at very LEAST a few days between events where we can rest and recouperate to be at our best to start again like that. They arent and this is what is burning people out.

They keep the game fresh, add some new shinies, give us themed raid bosses (this time even the legendary) and you can always stop catching too much when you need to restock (also, how can you run out of Pokéballs)