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Things we want in Pokemon Go

Having a way to remotely defend your gyms from home would be awesome. This would be the best if it was PVP-based. For example, you would get a phone notification telling you the gym is being attacked, and you could log on to fight the attacker in real-time using the pokemon that you put in that specific gym.


Take my Ditto candies any day :joy:

Thats a good idea…if you dont respond then you forfeit your spot on the gym…will stop spoofers becuase i doubt they could defend all the gyms

Yeah, it would make it an actual challenge to keep your gyms if you’re in a lot, and would also make it more of a fun challenge to take one down if someone was actually defending it in real-time.

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That’s the thing defending gyms. Wouldn’t that be actually easier for spoofers? Assuming, of course, no shadowbaning or other niantic traps kill them first, they should actually have the advantage responding to an attack and moving to a location.

I think berry feeding is whats gonna mess them up more. Them and mass multi account shavers. Like this dude in my town, loads up gyms on 4 different same team accounts, and has the different one to shave if needed. Simply put you can’t spread your empire beyond what you can sustain. You cant go to some crazy out of town, hillbilly hidey fort, toss and forget.

You pretty much have to empire local. Easier for my team, cause we dominate. But I almost feel bad for the other teams. Hidey holing was their only real play to get coin off of us.

If I walk meowth as my buddy, he should “find” me some extra coins from time to time

Spoofers and shavers need to be controlled. If you do that it will help even up the teams since-at least in my experience- most spoofers are mystic. It’s frustrating to be on a team that is severely outnumbered. That frustration causes people on the outnumbered team to quit and makes the numbers even more one sided. Either make the team affiliation matter less or even them up somehow…random assignments rather than choosing or something.

Trading would be cool…I have an army of Heracross and corsola (and some tauros) standing by. If it doesn’t look like it’s at least on the horizon soon, I’ll transfer them for the room

I like some of the story ideas here, I didn’t think about that. They also need a way to play the game without being out and walking…have something to do while you’re sitting at home.

Yea i guess you are right…it was just wishful thinking on my part. Those spoofers know how to mess up a good time

Something I would like to add to the game is that if you have a Pokemon in a gym and a raid starts, it’ll alert you via push notifications. Also if you wouldn’t want to be alerted, you should have the option to turn off the push notifications but anyway that’s all I can think of now.

I wish we could visit a gym just from the badge page rather than having to find the Pokémon you put in that gym and then press visit. Not a big thing, but good for a mass QOL update.


A nice thread, but maybe somebody has the capacity to summarize? Jijiji, it’s so long, at the end I don’t know what the people are asking for.
Only by shooting out it seems a lot of you like to see a way to create groups of Mon’s, so you can pre-establish them, depending of wich beast you have to challenge in a Raid. And really, I think it’s not so difficult to implement, and it would help a lot.

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Let’s brainstorm the fragmentary ideas! (extract of great ideas)

  1. Pokecenter
  2. Exchanging more candies for evolved Pokemon
  3. Chat groups
  4. Pre-built teams
  5. More caps and outfits
  6. More sorting options in pokedex
  7. Status effects
  8. Ideas suggested by Dinsara92
  9. Adjustment on spawns of Pokemon according to landscapes and weather conditions
  10. Tapping on gym badges to enter raids or to put Pokemon

That helps a lot, this way long threads can be read

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My petty ideas:
11. *Additional pokeballs
12. Pokemon’s speed
13. *Soothe Bell (x2 candies for buddy Pokemon and evolution)
14. *Dressing a pokemon
15. Recording a video (not only AR system)
16. More sponsored pokestops and gyms
17. *Limitations on evolutions
18. More background music
19. *Detecting players nearby
20. Migration of all raid bosses (for example raid bosses in Go Parks)


That’s not all of my ideas, but I won’t show the remain ideas now.

Hehehe, allways you think we will rob your ideas…

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I’m a great advisor to Pokemon GO. I have vast and limitless idea on my brain. I don’t mind people steal my ideas so that’s not a problem.

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Here in Europe they say an Ingeneer has one really good idea in his life. If you convert it in reality, you will be rich. If not, another engineer will realize it.

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Niantic, you gonna be quick to look at our ideas. If you listen to us, Pokemon GO will reach to its fame with a long lasting period of time. Niantic: ‘Problem solved’:joy:

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Re: I hoard my ideas and looking for the opportunity to share them.
If I showcase all of my ideas, I will quit the forum very soon.

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On the first day Raid bosses were introduced I stood outside a historic theater in my city asking people that passed by if they played Pokemon Go. Me and two other players I ran into just needed one more any level trainer to beat a Charizard. I couldn’t find another trainer on the street in time though. I’m not as bold these days. I don’t ask random people if they are playing pokemon go unless they have their phone out and have that classic “yes, I’m playing pokemon go look on their face when they look up from their phone”. You know the face I’m talking about, (you just pictured it).

Anyways, I’d really like it if Niantic added a feature to detect nearby players. Such a feature implies that Niantic’s algorithm to detect illegitimate GPS location would need to be doubled down on. Also, I believe it would have to be an optional feature with the ability to turn off and on. That way if you want to play solo on a bike ride just keep the detecting nearby players feature off. If you want to meet players while at a park turn the detecting nearby players on.