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Things we want in Pokemon Go

We all have some ideas about what do we want in the game that hasn’t yet appeared. I’m not talking about big updates, banning spoofers and legendaries etc. I’m talking about little things like:

  • when healing my Pokemons I want to know how many HP it has (like 78/123 HP) so I know what potions I want to use…

What are your little ideas you would like to see?


More comprehensive sorting for pokemon. Ability to create custom grouping perhaps. And also typing sorting.


i want to see a candy exchange, where you can give 5 of one type of pokemon candy to get 1 of another pokemon candy.
I know this defeats the purpose of a lot of things in the game, but when you have 571 murkrow candy, what else are you supposed to do with all that candy?


• Pokecenters: with limited times you can visit per day and limited amount of Pokémon you can heal or else there’d be no use for potions and revives anymore :sweat_smile:
• Long Press to show movesets when battling
• More Sorting options: Mainly by Types, or even creating your own groups with different color stars with the favorite button!
• Limited Chat Feature: I’ve always wanted to send a message to another player asking them about their Pokémon in a gym or something because you hardly ever know who they are in person. It’d be cool if you could set an option (on/off) to allow others to chat with you when you have a Pokémon posted at a gym. Would be especially cool when PVP comes to arrange actual meet up battles

I have more that I can’t think of at the top of my head but I’ll probably add them later lol


Chat facility would be nice, but I doubt very much they would implement, mainly for that 1 in a million chance someone could abuse it

Here is my wishlist.

  1. Ability to use toggle between nearby and sightings

  2. Have both nearby and sightings put rare spawns at the top of the list

  3. the ability to have 3-4 pre built teams I can take to gym battles.

4). Also a way to do a second sort for example to do first sort by CP, then a second by type.


I would like there to be

  1. All of the Shiny Pokemon to appear
  2. No Speed cap for people that aren’t over 18 years old
  3. Increase on rare spawns in areas where good Pokemon don’t spawn often
    And that’s​ all I want there to be
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  1. Preset Teams for Gyms
  2. Groups for sorting in the pokedex
  3. A search tab for quick find in the pokedex
  4. PoGo+ can use great and ultra balls
  5. Transferring Evolved Pokemon gets more candy

Something to do with unwanted items:

  • Sell for Stardust (5 per?)
  • Option to auto-delete specific items when acquired from Pokestops

Something to do with unneeded candy:

  • Sell for Stardust (5 per?)
  • Trade for other species candy (maybe 10:1 or 20:1)

Murkrow gets an evolution in a later generation so at least you will get evolution xp or if the evolution is valuable then you’ll have the ability to evolve some for your team.

I like a candy exchange. I’d say…do it for dust. Straight up.

Also, a story…with team rocket.

Status effects. Poison and grass Pokemon ARE good. They are, I swear. Just not in go cause there’s no status.

Where is my guy? Really not that big of an issue to change the generic gym icon next to your sitter to a picture, just like the tracker. Showing you the gym.

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I think a story-based event around Team Rocket would be awesome! Maybe they stole a legendary and it’s up to the three teams to catch them :grin:


-Story Events with several goals
-A new loading screens for every event like from the beginning


All I want for Pokemon Go like any all of us want is to get rid of Spoofers. :confused:


It is like you were reading my mind I was just getting ready to post about the same thing. I think having NPCs in the game would add a lot, and what better way to tie them in then can use them as part of the legendary and what better way to tie them in then to use them as part of a legendary event.

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Have themed events, in this case Team Rocket, and have them spawn randomly around Pokestops around you. Have maybe (push) notifications pop up when a NPC spawns at a stop near you. You’d have to hurry there and interact with him. James could be like, bring me a 100-300 CP Pidgey in less than 60 minutes! This way, the event could be worldwide.

This would be so much fun and keep players engaged!


Something not mentioned, but being able to see what other pokémons are in the gym you are holding. Or what level it is. Something like that.

A friend of mine, choose purely at random his team. Now he regrets it because most of his/my friends are in an other team. Maybe just like the namechanging option, a teamchanging option?

Cool! Maybe besides team rocket, some NPC’s that do something with your Team. I love the teamvibe offgame, but don’t sense it ingame.

Would be super handy! Nice idea.

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A team change is needed too. My wife and I picked different teams and it would be nice to be on the same team.


What I want to see soon in Pokémon Go:
1.Personally, I would prefer to see trading come soon as (at least for me) it makes the game more social.
2.Legendaries for obvious reasons, preferably for a one year anniversary.
3. Gen 3 and new Pokémon added.
4. Various CP nerfs and buffs like Umbreon
5. Stopping all forms of cheating, including botters, trackers, all of them.


I want to see trading too. I’m holding a ton of 91-93% Pokémon to trade. The IVs are too high for me to want to dump but I have higher IVs that I plan to keep.

I’m all for the rest to except I’m on the fence on trackers. Rural play sucks hard so until Niantic does something I can go either way.

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