The Ultra Bonus: My Opinion

After the news went out, most people were dissapointed. About 80 % of people will get a Mewtwo, what was the point of skipping work to do a raid?

The Mewtwo issue: Many players will get a Mewtwo, maybe even a shiny version.

The Regionals: First of all, regionals will be dispatched through 7k eggs, making them not “regional” anymore. People would say this is good… but what about the people without the friends feature.

And the return of the birds: The third time in 5 months??? Why? It may be good for people who missed out on a shiny, like @Kevin260709 or @Mew1.

As for the increased spawns, :+1:. I always appreciate spawn events, have really dull pokemon here.

Personally I believe we should have gotten something that would make us all happy, like 5x XP , Stardust, and Reduced Egg Distance for a month. As you can see, the Ultra Bonus was made for new players. I give it a 7 out of 10.

How much do you like it?

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Do you agree with my points?

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What is YOUR opinion? :thinking:


They are still regional, Farfetch’d or Kanga didnt lose the status either


I already got my dex full…:grin:


Mewtwo will lose its spot being exclusive after September 20th and most likely be replaced by another ex raid boss as soon as gen 4 drops. For people who have Mewtwo, this is a good chance to get possibly higher IV and/or better moveset Mewtwo and at the same time gather more Mewtwo candies and save rare candies for gen 4 legendary. For those without Mewtwo, this might be their last and best chance (over a month) to get their hands on such top beast unless it will be placed on research reward in an unknown distance future.

For those region exclusive Pokémon, they will also lose their status of being region exclusive after September 13th. NIA might only keep 3 generations of region exclusive Pokémon at a time, meaning after gen 4 drops, these gen 1 region exclusive will get “retire” in some fashion.

Combining above two points and more Kanto spawns in the wild, NIA is giving trainers the best chance to finish their Kanto dex before gen 4 is rolling out, presumably in waves.

From a business perspective, premium raid pass and super/regular incubator might be the top profit makers for the company. At the time of last year’s Global Catch Challenge, raiding was still new and most trainers might not have their optimal counters against various raid bosses, so unlocking a few region exclusive Pokémon during very limited time got the trainers around the world hyped up. Now many would probably have their team built up against raid bosses to some degree. Thus it is somewhat logical and understandable that they give out rewards to trainers related to raid pass and incubator. And they might be doing something similar in the future.


the longer i think about it, the more ‘meh’ it feels.

birds in raids:

  • nice to have a second chance on the shinies. No more Regi’s
  • no néw shiny.

mewtwo in raids:

  • good to see him in raids if it means we get a new EX boss, which we will.
  • good for the causuals who never got one. (although i feel if you never got one, you seriously slacked, it wasn’t hard at all to get one)
  • no shiny! (as far as we know at the moment)


  • good to make 7k eggs interesting again.
  • good to see GEN I regionals get out this way. (I predicted something like this long time ago in relation to Mime JR!!! now Mime JR is free to be dropped.

Increased Kanto spawns:

  • any increased spawn event is good.
  • it’s just kanto, many players won’t really give a …

Event in total:

  • when thinking about it this is the event: next thursday we get regionals in eggs, one week of birds and some more kanto spawns… that’s it. Then we get Mewtwo.

So all i got to do the coming week(s) is hatch eggs, do a raid here and there…


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I do like the ultra bonus.
Because I don’t own a car and don’t drive around playing Pokémon go, I find it hard to do ex raids. This means I only have a 76% Mewtwo and no others. I really appreciate the Mewtwo bosses

As for the legendary birds AGAIN, I am shocked by the lack of creativity. However, I DO need shiny zapdos and articuno, but the main problem is getting the numbers to do the raids.

The 7k egg thing is a CHANCE. You might still get an Alolan Pokémon, or your own regional from the eggs. I mean, I like the idea of you walking more, but if it was ONLY regionals from 7ks until the end of the event, then I would be happier.

Note: if I remember correctly, the Mewtwo bosses “will appear alongside other raid bosses until”(the end time). Does this mean another legendary boss alongside Mewtwo?

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Every gym will have multiple Mewtwo fighting. Kinda dislike that, an entire MONTH??? why…why… i might aswell make a new account and have mewtwo there.

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It will no longer be cool to have multiple mewtwo seeing everyone else have it now… i guess ill need to get multiple arceus when it comes out in ex

If it comes out in ex. I think it won’t as you can currently only get ONE mythical Pokémon of a species, unlike legendaries.

im expecting arceus to be ex or quest. regardless next Ex will suck if its not arceus. I never favoured Deoxy at all. Hated that gen in series.

So glad I never piled heaps of Dust into one or more of the many ordinary MewTwos I caught.
Not that a whole month of Cat Raids is any promise I’ll get a better one. I’m dreading the Wife’s account will get all the good ones adding to her 1x 100% IV and 2x 98% IV.


Still waiting for my DPS monster in Deoxys-A

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Is Deoxys really going to be a must have and preferred use for Battles/Raids.
What will it do that my maxed out Machamps, Golems and Tyranitars cant do quick and easily?

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Deoxys-A has by far the most brutal attack of all currently availible Pokemon (180-180-150 offensive stats in the games) so its DPS will be insane
But it will die in three hits

As so often I’m quite torn about the Ultra Bonus… A whole month of Mewtwo is a lot. I would have been OK with a Mewtwo day or maybe a week as regular raid. But I guess they want to stretch this out for as long as possible before they (probalby) release new legendaries. They are already running low on them, so they need to stretch and recycle a lot… Even with gen 4 they only have a limited number of legendaries…
But I’ll try to make the best of it, maybe I can get some more good IV ones…

I don’t care about the birds returning AGAIN. I got enough of them when they had their 3hour raid day, but I know that there were lots of people who couldn’t do more than their 5 free raids, and I’m OK with giving them another chance at getting shinies. I don’t have to raid if I don’t want to, but I will when the group needs another player.

Another Kanto event? Meh… But let’s see what raids they will bring us…

But I love the idea with the Kanto regionals in 7k eggs… I’m only missing Tauros and I really really hope the rest of the month is enough time hatch one…


As much as I would like to do a heap of Bird Raids I wont be doing any more than the one free one a day or 2 if I miss a day. All my Raid Passes will be saved for MewTwo Raids. I hope they have good vale Gift Boxes that give more Raid Passes than the cost of buying then singularly.


I don’t mind a chance to get mewtwo since I only have one.

Don’t really care about the bird raids, even though I don’t have any of the shinies, I’ll still participate if the group/people needs me to

Increase in Kanto Pokémon…meh
Really happy about Kangaskhan being in eggs since it’s the only one I’m missing from my Kanto dex.


I’m missing both Kangaskhan and Tauros. But another Farfetch’d wouldn’t be bad either :grin:


Here is my opinion about the Ultra Reward:
The Kanto Birds for a week in raids isnt that bad,and Nice for people that dont have the shiny Birds.The mewtwo MONTH is really Amazing,but still,no information about the shiny Mewtwo…:worried:
The boosted Kanto spawns are alright.
The eggs are very nice,but i think the gen1 Regionals will become globally…
It is a very nice ultra bonus unlock,and i give it a 9.



I can show you a email from Niantic saying Mewtwo will be the EX raid pokemon after the month… but waiting for @Thorend to be able to post it.

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