The sad truth at Singapore

Confirmed 90% playerbase is spoofer…
way to kill my motivation for this game, Might now want to play something else other than wasting time on Niantic’s trash
Just watch this research video, you’ll know it, im done enough with this community drama,Gonna stop playing soon maybe and a break until any miracle happens in the game


Well, on one hand I understand you, on the other…
Only for explaining my way to play this. The numbers in the Pokedex which represent Legendaries are NOT existent in my game.

I don’t do EX-Raids or Groudon’s or anything of this. I don’t play PoGo where I need others to finish something.

I just enjoy the game where I do low-level raids of 1 person, catching everything else in the wild, walking, and have fun.

Spoofers can do harm to you only when you enter the space where they have influence. Ignore them, and play in the other league.


Wow, that’s an eye opener, didn’t know spoofing was so prevalent there. Just so I get this right, the lobby filled up over 18 times? And with that many hitting the one gym, I’m guessing there were EX raid passes received by some there also…
Quite the motivation killer.


Don’t mind spoofers in game but I can’t believe that spoofing is so prevalent in a country like Singapore. After all Singapore is soo dense that pokestops and gyms are within walking distance but yet I wonder why they spoof

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so you just stick your head in the sand and let them take your teritorry… :man_facepalming:


Yes and no, hahaha. As well I wouldn’t do Raids when there are no Spoofers.

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I was never there, but maybe for many people it’s too dangerous to stay quiet for a while in one place with a mobil in hand?


K, see you in a few weeks when the rest of Gem 3 is released =_=

??? To whom you directed this message? No way to understand…

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Also the rewards for making raids are more valuable (for me) than the rewards for defending a gym: pokecoins, stardust and nothing else…

That’s exactly why, because there’s so many stops and gyms. Do you think a Rural spoofer is going to go to a random town in the middle of nowhere? No, they’ll go where there’s the highest volume of stops

It filled up over 30 times and he couldn’t track it for a while due to drift…could very well have been over 40

That was insane…I don’t even think the infamous Santa Monica pier gym fills up like that

Also, I feel his pain on the catch…he had 11/12 excellent throws and nothing. Groudon has been the hardest legendary for me to catch even though it supposedly has the same catch rate as ho-oh which was the easiest for me

Singapore is always full of traffic jams despite the abundance of MRTs. Also as a person living in a country nearby, we always insist on driving to raids as some people feel that public transport takes their time away etc. So maybe after experiencing lots of traffic jams and toxic raiders, they resorted to spoofing

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There are interestingly some spoofers that come out this way and fill the gyms seemingly automatically and instantly. Maybe bots actually. I have seen 15-20 Pokemon out of gyms in the space of 2 mins before. Insane.

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Here in Singapore, there was once an EX Raid
Gym name: Crane Man
Country: Singapore

Hopefully the game will improve for all

Hi There, abit late to the party but too bad leh :frowning:
Anyways a fellow Singaporean legit player here and not frequent visitor to orange and bubbleman. Anywayd this gym is really wierd as it can be reached from level 1,2 and 3 in the mall. Trainers seldom go out to level 3 as it is hot and there might be connection issues( open space) maybe if u wanna see trainers u can see most of them on level 1 outside zara, DW and Watches of swiss there. Yes there is no denying there are a lot of spoofers there but there are some legit players. Anyways, happy catching and have a nice day!

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Yah same

Pretty surprised to see that, Singapore is such a good country to play in. Lots of parks, shopping malls and areas like that.

My bro is living in Singapore and with every new legendary raid he sends Pictures of the masses that gather around the gyms. Quite annoying to a player in rural Germany. So, even if there are a lot of spoofers, there must be crowds of legit Players as well.
Will visit him in April, really looking Forward to playing PoGo there!