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The sad truth at Singapore

OP. Lol.

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Same here in San Francisco

Imagine living in a village in the UK where there’s only 3 pokestops and 2 gyms, that’s all I’ve got for miles around me!

How about the possebility that many of these spoofers are not even from Singapore but from all over the globe. If annoyed by these bots just make a private group with some of the local players so you can control the ‘difficulty’ of the raid, and for those EX Raids ulyou could do raids at some of the less popular eligible gyms in the area.

I mean the problem is only there if you let it. In this day and age where only bragging rights seems to count of ones ‘achievements’ whether or not it is legit or honest, you should expect people to take the shortest/easiest route to their desired destination. As for me personally I have never and will never spoof, not even if it’s really bad weather and a ultra rare pokemon I would greatly desire would spawn a street over. It would just trash my entire sense of achievement through hard work. It’s just so much more rewarding and valueable to myself if I know I worked hard to achieve something instead of just clicking a few buttons and let a automated script do the rest.

Oh well long post, but I just wanted to share my view with all who want to read it.