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The Have Whinge/Vent Thread

Still can’t get a 100% Legendary from a normal or a Lucky Trade. I’m ruining out of junk Mewtwo.
Glass half full. I have over 320 Mewtwo XL.
Glass half empty. I’m not dropping them on anything but a 100%. My 2x Shadows are so poor it would be waste.
I long for the day were there’s a mechanic in the game to increase individual stats.

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Hope there will be a feature showing concrete number on buddy and gym badge progress, i.e. X/Y, X = current number of buddy or gym badge progress, Y = total number of hearts needed to reach best buddy or total number of gym XP needed for gold gym badge.


Another two raids in a row this morning with zero Rare Candy, absolute crap IV, and no shiny. At least a crap wild encounter would have cost nothing.

Too much F.U.N. for one morning to contain it all… :roll_eyes: :confused:

(Apologies for complaining like that; but there are at least two dozen event shinies that I never got, including the Galarian Slowpoke, despite checking around a hundred of them during the event. Now the only way to check is a raid, and even though those aren’t generally free when our travel is constrained, there is NO uptick in shiny odds for paid raid bosses. I should never have wasted even a dollar on that chase; but after wasting over fifty bucks on a variety of those shiny-check raids in the past year, I’m beyond embitterment and cursing Niantic for the gratuitous futility of it all.)

Does anybody know what’s going on with the Hub Database? It’s now three days I receive error when trying to access.

How are you trying to access it? I’ve looked up three things on it through google searches in the last 2 days, with the only one 3-minute web server delay. (Of course, my inability to reproduce the error does not somehow prove the system to be working properly for everybody…)

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I’ve gone to the principal webside and choose the menu point Database.

Cleaning the browser cache, reloading with Ctrl-F5, nothing, allways the same error-page

Wish I had a clue how to address such a problem. I happened to look up two things on the database using the same entry about the same time today and had no problem. (didn’t even have to refresh cache, though - maybe if I do that mine will break?)
Just tried that again, and the database seems to be working fine for me. Sounds like it may be a challenge to isolate the fault…

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For whatever it’s worth, just now the db lookup for Zamazenta is giving me the unending ‘wait’ (spinning gray Pokéstop symbol) with “Leaking the latest APK…” beneath it. Forced page reload and clearing of caches have no effect.

The page attempting to load is:


(if I insert the link into this comment without quotes around it, though, the page seems to load in embedded form like it’s supposed to do, meaning the db access inside here is working… weird.)

Edit: After that wait screen sat for ten minutes without returning, I clicked on the search symbol, entered “Zamazenta”, clicked on the first listed match, and the page for it displayed. Not exactly a systematic test, though – certainly not enough to isolate the glitch.

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I still cannot access the Database…

Just looking through the 100% thread seeing a couple of 100% Ice Darumaka makes me want to throw my phone in frustration. I caught and Traded every single one I could over time it was out and come up empty. So sick of seeing 96% and worse Luckies.

Did a bunch of remote raids through Poke Genie. Seems like the easiest way to get a group of 6 for Legendary raids, once their boss has been around long enough to be hard to get a full group locally (or to try invites until enough respond). For the second time I joined a group of 6 for a Lugia raid, of which 5 made it into the lobby, and when the raid began, my two were suddenly the only two remaining. Buncha wankers. :angry:

Later I had a boosted Lugia next door with 3 in the lobby. Added my 2, and invited ten, of whom only @cup joined. One by one the other 3 bailed as the countdown neared ‘go’, leaving only @cup and my pair. I stay if any of my invitees remain, and he didn’t bail, so our three blazed away at the Lugia. Even if it weren’t boosted, a trio falls short. With the 6 we had in the lobby we could have easily won. But our trio died gloriously with about 10% of the boss left.

Long-winded way of saluting @cup for having the nerves of steel to stay. We made it a lot closer than I had expected. The smallest group I had that beat a Lugia was a quad, where all were over level 45 and all of us best friend status. I consider this trio with @cup to be more impressive, even if we didn’t prevail in the end.

I use PokeRaid for this, and as well it happened two times to me that they jump out.

On the other hand, I made about 15 good raids which I wouldn’t have been able to do here at the beach with very few players here. So I’m still happy, but remember the angriness in the moment… :rage:

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Personally, if I see a Legendary Raid with 1-6 people in including me I always leave between 30-40 seconds so that the game can update the amount of trainers in time. I’ve stopped doing Raids with 5 or less other people since they always leave in the last seconds, which doesn’t give the game enough time to update the amount of trainers, or because the other trainers are just too low level for us to be successful. I’m also not inviting when too few people are in because of this.


Touch wood I haven’t failed a Poke Genie Raid because players left. I got within 1 sec on a Mewtwo when everyone got scared with 30sec left to go on the Raid. As much as I was :rage: watching them drop out one by one I kept bashing away in hope my Kung Fu was strong.
My Kung Fu is :muscle:
Makes all the effort to Power Up good battle teams worth it.

That’s the problem with raid app, no communication before raiding or during lobby time, some legendaries like Moltres and mythical Genesect need as few as 2 trainers with good counters, and other tanky legendaries like Lugia and the regi trios need 4+ higher level trainers with good counters. Can’t communicate like “leave at 15 seconds if X numbers of trainers in lobby”.

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I just do raids on our discord or my local discord


Our local discord groups were thriving before the covid year. And remote raiding during that time decimated the activity on discord in most places here.

We still do the talking back and forth on discord but the local attendance has dropped with the remote passes

It reached a point where most of the time, reporting a raid brought a deluge of people requesting you to add them as friends and invite them. It got prohibitively costly in terms of time and effort to report. If our discord servers ran the poke_nav bot (like PGRR, which was the first remote-raid site I joined), that might mitigate the problem; but I expect there are licensing issues and other overhead to consider.

When the Lake Trio re-appeared in raids this time, a few weeks ago, the number of raids being posted on remote-raiding sites was huge… almost enough to keep up with the tens of thousands of users queueing-up to raid them. The number of raids being posted on those sites steadily dwindled to where they’re almost zero in recent days. But the demand for them has stayed quite high. Still over ten thousand presently on-queue for Uxie and Mesprit, and they are leaving raids today. Dang. Still would have loved to raid Uxie about eighty more times and Mesprit about fifty more.