Team GO Rocket Leader Guide

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It has begun!

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I’m now in the second part of the special investigation but it needs at least 5 days for Photodisc circling.

Battled my first admin, and he definitely brought the challenge!

Where did your grunt battle take place? (I’m wondering if we can encounter Mysterious Components worldwide, yet; or whether it’s still limited to London, Atlanta, Austin, and SF…)

It’s worldwide now (like as of 12pm California time)

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I put my radar together?:man_shrugging:

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Got my Radar 6 pieces within 2hrs of it going live at 00:30 this morning.
Had the Radar icon up on my screen but wasn’t watching it.
Saw a Normal looking Rocket stop so decided to do it. Turns out it was a Leader.
Much harder to battle as they get shields too.
Sneasal - Lapras - Houndoom
Had to reset a team for it after the first go using the one I use for most.

Once completed my Radar was gone from my screen.


Its gonna take me a while to get a rocket radar. I rarely do find any rocket stops.

I’ve completed the radar three times, there’s a lot of rocket stops near me, I’m just way to lazy to get out of my apartment and go spin those stops.

I’m still on stage 2. Need to do 2 more raids.

Gonna take me a while, too; I rarely have any interest in rocket stops.

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It’s nice for the 500 stardust and the small effort.

I’ll be done with Stage 2 in the morning. Just need to spin 5th day stop.

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