Team Rocket - The shiny shadows are out with the 3 leaders(dropping Unova stones)






Great. The Unova Stone is already a Mysterious Component for me – I’ve got another Lampert to evolve and can’t get another of those shiny stones to save my life, and I’m supposed to find a shiny stoned cat so I can get something even rarer? Sheesh. I’d already give my left nut for a Gible.

I’m just going to ignore this nonsense and play the game. If I happen to run into any of this, so be it. If I happen to hatch a Giovanni, so be it. Whatever. :smirk:


So, I beat 6 or more grunts to get the components … then the components give me a map to the Rocket Leader.

So … the leader might not be ANYWHERE near me??! … lol


You can get Unova Stones from battling those leaders.


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