System Suggestion That Can Help Improve Pokemon GO Vol. 2

What if there is a Pokestop that can serve many purposes and its here in my house? That is the question I asked myself when I got the idea of this new ground-breaking, game-changing idea. I call it the PokeHome or PokeBase feature (Please let me know which is better in the comment section). Lets dive into this system with detailed explanation of the feature and design.

The PokeHome/PokeBase System

This system would place a special Pokestop or PokeHub (The name I’m giving) on top of your house or anywhere you desire in the game map. PokeHub will be a multipurpose Hub for trainers to do a lot things on such as:

  1. Personal Pokestop
  2. Item storage
  3. Lure Spot
  4. New Feature: Breeding
  5. New Feature: Training
  6. New Feature: Trading Store

Before we learn about these exciting features, lets talk design and how this system can be implemented in Pokemon GO

PokeHub Design

  1. This private Pokestop or PokeHub will be a trainer exclusive feature where only you could see your personal Hub. This is to ensure the real world privacy for the trainers so that we would not be interrupted. Imagine people flocking in front of your house for items when they are out and about hunting. I don’t think anyone would like to see that.

  2. PokeHub should have Gym like design in terms of structure. It will be place anywhere you want and you can change the location at will but, there will be some rules to follow. Here are the simple rules

-Once you remove your Hub from the original location, your Hub Progress will be reset (More on Hub Progress down below)

-You would have to wait at least a week to ‘rebuild’ a new one at a new location.

-One Trainer can only build one (1) Hub at a time.

These rules are important so that this system would not be abused by trainers. Some minor tweaks might be needed so I’m happy to take your suggestions.

  1. Lets talk about PokeHub Progress. Much like the Gym, PokeHub should evolve with time. We would have more fun building and upgrading our private Pokestop for our own pleasure. The progress will be counted by level. Level 1 through 10 to be exact. Each level represents an item that would be unlocked. For example, Level 1 Hub will only dispense Pokeballs, potions and Revives while a Level 2 Hub would unlock the 50 item storage box. Lets break down the levels.

Level 1- 2x of Pokeball or Revive or Potion drop
Level 2- 50 Item Storage Box (Item storage Feature)
Level 3- Unlocks Great Ball and Super Potions drop
Level 4- 50 Item Storage Box (Item storage Feature)
Level 5- Unlocks Hyper Potion and Egg (2km, 5km, 10km) drop
Level 6- Item drop + 1 (2 +1 =3)
Level 7- 50 Item Storage Box (Item storage Feature)
Level 8- Unlocks Max Potion and Max Revive drop
Level 9- Item drop + 1 ( 3+1=4)
Level 10- Unlocks Ultra Ball and Evo Item drop

The level system would not be a challenging thing. Basically setting up PokeHub onto its location will take you to level 2 and you can work your way into Level 10 easily by using the new features to get PokeHub Points needed to level it up. Making level 10 easy to acquire is important so that trainers doesn’t have to spend a lot of time for this feature and giving them more time for normal catching, hatching and raiding activities.

  1. PokeHub is a customizable Pokestop with the items that you can find in the Trading Store ( More on trading store later). Its like your virtual house/ training dojo that you can design yourself to suit you and your Pokemon’s need. You can change its color, add type specific items that you could only trade at the store. This system can also introduce us with a breeding expert ( A woman Scientist) to help us with breeding ( More on breeding later) and basically be our own PokeHub guide!

New Features

  1. Pokestop with Lure module slot

Like a normal Pokestop, the Pokehub can also give us items and lets us lure it so that we could attract Pokemons. The Lured mons will spawn much like incense, where only the trainer can see and catch it. The item drop of the will be influenced by the PokeHub level. Check point number three (3) at the PokeHub Design section. By spinning the PokeHub disc to acquire item, we will be rewarded with some PokeHub progress points.

  1. Item Storage

I deleted all my Potions, Super potions to make space for my item bag so that I can still access Pokestops and get better items. What if, we don’t have to that anymore? The PokeHub item storage is much like the one we have now except the items that we stored in the PokeHub storage can only be used when we are near to the PokeHub. While we can sill carry up to 1500 items in our bag, now with this feature, we can store even more items We would need to transfer the items manually while being very close to the PokeHub.

So instead of throwing away all those items, maybe we can store some of them in the Storage Box and use it whenever we can.

  1. Breeding

This is a big one but essentially its quite simple. In the PokeHub, we would have a breeding room where we can breed Pokemon and get its egg to hatch. How does it work? We took a pairing of Pokemon for example, Pikachu and Ditto. We pair these two Pokemon, leave them for a couple of hours or maybe even a day and then collect an egg from the Breeding room. After we got the egg, walk with it by using a normal incubator and hatch a the Pokemon.

Pokemon that were paired will be left in the Breeding room so they won’t be able to battle and you cannot breed Pokemon while it being your buddy. You can only breed a pair of Pokemon at a time. Breeding Pokemon will give trainers a decent number of progress points.

  1. Training

After the gym rework update, many trainers admitted that they misses training up the gyms and the whole prestiging gyms system. With this new feature, Niantic should be a to give the people what they want. This feature will ask you to pit your Pokemon against each other (the defending Pokemon will be controlled by the AI). Any battle will grant you stardust, PokeHub progress points and occasionally some candies for any of the Pokemon participated. The higher the the PokeHub level, the better the chance to get candies after battle. This system could be very useful for us to get more stardust and eventually power up our Pokemon.

The Training will be done in a training center where we can place items to increase chance of better reward like more stardust and higher percentage of candy drop. This is also the part where the PokeHub is customizable.

  1. Trading Store

Trading store only uses trading as its sale method. We would need to trade our stuff to redeem a Pokecoin based on the item traded. No essential items will be sold here other than the PokeHub upgrade items, PokeHub Storage Box extension and probably, Pokemon Costume.

All the items can be traded with the store and when you traded enough, you can use the coin to buy items for your PokeHub or Pokemon. For example, we can buy an item called ‘Scarf’ which cost 10 coins and place it at the PokeHub training center so that it could increase stardust and candy drop for any Normal type pokemon training in it.

Here are the number of item you need to trade to get 1 Pokecoin:

  • 10 Potion/10 Revive
  • 6 Super Potion
  • 4 Hyper Potion
  • 2 Max Potion / Max Revive
  • 1 Evolution Item

Wrap Up

The PokeHub is a new feature in the new PokeHome or PokeBase system where it basically is a personal multi-purposed Pokestop that can be place anywhere we want. Being a rural player, this is a dream of mine. A dream where we can get more in Pokemon GO. Its other useful feature like Breeding, Training and Additional storage will surely spice up our normally slow gameplay when we are at home.

This system is far from perfect and I will keep in editing and updating it to make it the perfect system that we all would love to see in Pokemon GO one day.


Most of the ideas have 1 thing in common, individual playing. The main problem in my opinion is that Niantic is not focused in that, they are focused in community and I like some of your ideas but I cannot see Niantic developing individual features at least today.

Maybe some kind of Pokebase could be created but linked to cooperation.

I wish somebody told Niantic to go through the Go Hub forum… So many ideas.

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Maybe some of the GO Hub users are Niantic’s staffs. They’re asked to check out all POGO related platforms, websites and forums. Niantic do marketing secretly.


Agreed on the point you made about Niantic not making individual based system. Sadly thats how Niantic operate but hey, one can still dream right. I neednl new Pokestop


I hope thats the case. This forum is not as toxic as the Pokèmon Go Subreddit