Squirtle Day in Japan Didn't Happen

Why didn’t Squirtle Day happen in Japan? The website listed the time as 12-3pm on July 8th. I sporadically checked from 11am-6pm and nothing happened. I asked my cousin, who lives in Korea, and it was working fine there for the full three hours. Niantic, you’d better be planning to re-do it next weekend.

You know why it didn’t happen there , because the weather there is horrible


Is there flood , earthquake or something else

Japan shouldn’t complain with all those events they had there😛


It’s a monsoon i believe, so playing really isn’t a good idea


i’m sure they’ll get another day when weather is better.

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but pokemon going is fun it does not matter if it rains you can still play niantic do not have to memes about it and actually let everyone play the game even if it’s raining that’s not very honest niantic why i do not like niantic sometimes its annoying me

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Because over 50 people died during bad weather… Dont you follow the news in your own country?

The pokemon go japan twitter sent out a few tweets about it, also regarding Articuno day. It will probably anounce the replacement dates too so id keep an eye on it.


they should not ban people from pokemon due to bad weather

They are preventing people from harming or killing themselves whilst chasing after some digital animal.
Also no one is banned, they can still play. The event just takes place at a later time.

Can i advise you to take your time to read a bit better please? Its gonna save alot of time for everyone.


okay it’s good as long as people can still play in bad weather, it’s good no one is injured except those who did it

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I feel bad about what happened at Japan. Hopefully Niantic reschedules everything special that happened on a later date. I hope Japan gets the things they missed.

See Niantic doesn’t care about anyone but Europe and Asia. When there was a freaking ice storm in southern Ontario during mareep they didn’t do anything. Didn’t postpone it, just had to go out in the ice storm. Complete idiots.

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I live in Tokyo as well and it was because of the rain, more than 100 people died in some areas, so they shut down the event for safety reasons.

I am sure they will. Not everyone was affected but if that was happening in my country I’d be fine to have it delayed a bit

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Well Go Fest has been in Chicago twice now, and Tauros is the regional they seem least inclined to have events for


Lmao what, are you saying they dont care about the US?


Now the bad weather is coming to Europe…

Niantic doesnt care about us Canadians at all.

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United Stated = \ = Canada

Canada has no exclusive for itself
Canada has no events
Canada has some of the worst weather in the winter making it impossible to play for almost 7