Shiny Pinsir this weekend

It hasn’t been announced by Niantic, but Pinsir is appearing a lot right now, and I already caught 3 shinies :blush:


You arent at safari zone, right? :grin:

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Thanks for the info

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No I’m not at the safari zone. It’s here in Hanoi, Vietnam, it started at 4 am( was awake at 3.30 and saw the change at 4 am). I now have 5 shiny Pinsirs, it’s pretty easy to get, like it was with Wingull, and it feels like a community day.

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Wow, I have a 100% Pinsir from b4, ain’t gonna b shiny I guess. For some reason it has been raining non-stop so bug-types are spawning like crazy. Has anyone gotten any new quests? @Pokemon have u?


No I havent

I see 0 Pinsir today

Pinsir every where today here in Australia. Shiny on all the families accounts. Some with multiples. Caught a lot more Pinsir on mine and was last to get one and that was a Go Plus surprise.

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Seen 3 pinsir spawn normally and 3 (in a row) using an incense.

Sadly no shiny yet but Pinsir does appear to be the flavour of the day!

No shinies yet (checked 10 so far), but I have got a 100% Pinsir.

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8 so far

How many Pinsir have you shiny checked?
I over 30 but no shiny yet.

A lot. It’s spawning everywhere, so it’s really not that hard to find a shiny. Like I said, it pretty much feels like a community day, and I feel that that’s what CDs should be like, with actual “days”.

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But how many exactly?

30? None spawned yet for me :frowning:

It was announced a while back that shiny pinsir would come at the Taiwan safari zone.
Happend to catch one with my goplus during Gengar days. Pretty happy about that :slight_smile:

40 checked now, still no shinies.

Got my first this morning, caught about 50 to find it :raised_hands:t3:



Insane. How many checks were that?

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