Shiny Latios is coming

There it is, finally. Gonna spent some time on this one.


I will not be able to participate in this I’m afraid.

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At all? Hes here for a whole week.


Yes. I won’t have time during the week days and in the weekend I am on holiday. Unless it’s good with Gyms there (which I don’t expect) I won’t be able to Raid any Latios. Or maybe only on Friday.

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Whipped together a quick team when the news broke.

Sadly don’t have quite enough Giratina candy to level up my 96% Origin Form Giratina to wreck it with Ghost-type moves, nor do I have the right moveset for my new 100% Yanmega to use as well. Thankfully, I have a few fallbacks. All my team are leveled up to level 40, IVs are in S/A/D order.

Weavile: 96% IV (13/15/15)
Absol: 98% IV (14/15/15)
Mismagius: 100% IV (15/15/15)
Pinsir: 100% IV (15/15/15)
Scizor: 98% IV (14/15/15)
Tyranitar: 96% IV (14/14/15)

Why am I not using Mamoswine? Solar Beam. That’s why. It’s the same reason I wish I had Yanmega ready to go. Maybe I’ll cave if I’m lucky enough to get Charge TMs to get it Bug Buzz.


As for now the team is 3 Rayquaza and 3 Dragonite. For the sake of diversity, i hope Salamence gets a good dragon move saturday. Would be fun to add that one to the selection.

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Looking foward to it. more great shinies for me to not catch.


I never got to do any where near as many Latios as I wanted to first time around. I have a feeling it got cut short of time and was overlapped by something else as Niantic we’re losing out on Raid Pass sales at the time after a month of Latias.
I really hope I can get some great Giratina Origin this week or weekend before it lands as it’s more pressing that I get some of the best Ghost attacker over frustrating myself chasing a Shiny I most likely won’t get.


I will do some raids, like with Latias week, but I won’t go overboard… The shiny rate has been ridiculously low for Latias (at least it felt like this, we had very few shinies in our raid group back then, I think I only remember one during the whole week) and I fear it won’t be better for Latios.
It’s better to expect not getting one than being disappointed…


Im going to be able to do so many, so if we ever meet, I’ll have one with your name on it

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We’ve allready planned a raidtrain on saturday the 20th.

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I caved and decided to level up my Yanmega. It has replaced Mismagius’ place in the team.

Here both don’t make it to the team.:see_no_evil: Just not good enough.

I do unique species only. Yanmega performs a little better than Mismagius in this case mainly because Mismagius doesn’t resist any of Latios’ moves, while Yanmega double-resists Solar Beam. I also want to try out Bug Buzz. I likely won’t be able to use Yanmega against the Lake Trio as each one has a move that is devastating to Yanmega (Uxie with Thunder, Mesprit with Blizzard, Azelf with Fire Blast), so I decided to use it here since it might be quite a while until I get an adequate chance to try out Yanmega.

My first choice would have been Giratina-Origin, but I’m about 30 candy short of leveling it up. Rare Candy are dedicated to Dialga at the moment, so I won’t be able to level up Giratina-Origin in time. He will be making an appearance in Raid Teams when the Lake Trio arrives.

I’ve just noticed I do have time on the Friday. I sure will go out and hunt for Latios Raids on Friday the 21st of April.

Ouch. Will have to miss most or all of it, just like I missed all of the recent Latias-reprise week except for the very last Latias raid at a local mall.

I expect there will be more Legendary-reprise weeks in future years, and when one comes that fits my calendar and health constraints, I’ll raid my brains out then (like with the recent Rayquaza-reprise week)

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I try the same, but for Latios I ended up with Gengar, Rayquaza, Salamence, Palkia, Dragonite and Mamoswine all performing much better.


Gengar sadly likely will never be used by me because it’s weak to the very types its strong against. It’s just not good enough for me to use because of that unfortunate fact. Thankfully, Giratina will be there to pick up the slack.

Then replace IT in May team building Weavile. Ik only use 1 Gengar as a leader out, because IT is indeed tot fragile tot use more.

Weavile is already on my team as an Ice-type attacker. Absol is my Dark-type DPS attacker at the moment. Honchkrow and Sharpedo are technically better DPS wise, although not by much, Sharpedo is an even more fragile glass cannon and wouldn’t last long at all against Latios. Honchkrow has more survivability, by a 93% Honchkrow vs. a 98% Absol is too close to call so not worth powering up at the moment.

I shy away from using Dragon-types against other Dragons, especially if the Raid Boss knows Dragon Claw. That’s a move it will use frequently and effectively. Going up against Palkia forced me to use Dragon-types as there are so few Fairy types available, or even worth a damn. Dragons are fantastic attackers, but them being weak to their own kind is alarming, so I try to effectively go after their other weaknesses, and Latios has five others to capitalize on. My teams live longer, I spend fewer revives than most, I still get enough TDO to get balls.