Rural Trainers ( The forgotten ones )

Need more gyms
Need more stops

Niantic knows this. Can see this.

There needs to be a set distance from 1 stop to another. Same with gyms. If there is a path with 5 entrances all 5 should have a Pokestop and within that path atleast 1 Gym.

If there is NO significant things to show on the Pokestop or Gym. Call the Pokestop a Poke Centre. For the GYM just lable it in writing GYM and maybe depending on the team the writing of the font be also that team color.

Since it seems alot of forum posters have a problem with many of my ideas (that does include rurals) but think i am against them.

I am a rural player! I do not cry or whine tho. We are the forgotten we are many we are proud determined trainers who still try our best to lvl and not fall prey to spoofing or 3rd parties(even if you have i bet you would play more legit if your area had more stops/ spawns / gyms)

Drop ideas and rants( Please more ideas than rants)

For references Feb 25th My topic on Pokemon centres:

Mmm I see where you are coming from and totally agree to a degree. It’s just dependant on how far you are talking because in rural areas if gyms were too close together I could create stagnation worse than it is now. Also the placement of these stops and gyms would be difficult. Without significant locations it would be hard to choose a location that worth having (e.g. there’s no point if no one lives close for 10 miles) but that is also safe/accessible.

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