Research - Celebi Research Tasks start August 20th


Just wanted to post this :joy:


Same :sob: Took screenshots and everything

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No time for screenshots, just cut & paste!

Race to celebi coming up.

Yep - gotta catch em all, but gotta be first then post it so everyone knows :joy::joy::joy:


Of course! 3 people were racing and you won :sweat_smile:


Yes finally

Okay. I’m fine with it as long as it is reasonably completable outside of event or cities. Spin 60 unique pokestops for example doesn’t work here. Neither does catch 5 unown.

I almost spat my drink when I read catch 5 Unown. They’d want to become a hell of a lot more common than what they are now as it’s easier to find Rocking Horse :poop: and Hens Teeth.
There has only been 1 wild sighting reported on our Discord since Maps were nuked.

Every task for Mew had increased spawns. If Unown is one of the tasks for Celibi, we will get an increase of those.

I am quite positive that there will be no “catch x Unown” task in the quest…Unowns are the “extra special event” Pokémon and they’d have to take away this exclusivity from them by letting them spawn more… I don’t think so…
We can expect it to be a bit tougher than the Celebi quest, I guess (I mean, there were people doing it in less than a day!), and they might include new things like “make 5 new great friends”,… or even require us to trade. I’m quite sure that there will be this one damn task (or two or three) that will take forever to complete, just like the “evolve a Magikarp” was (at least for some) or the “catch a Ditto”,…


Can you be one? If it comes out :sweat_smile:

93 out of 200 people I have already reached Great Friend status. Really close on a whole bunch more. Only 2 Ultra Friends so far, but I’m within 14 days of 15 more people.

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LOL, sure :laughing::wink:

Okay. We need there to be no catch unown quest. For the future. If you started the game just after the unown event finished you would never ever get celebi until another one came by (and they are astoundingly rare)

That would be stupid but wouldn’t be surprised. There’s a segment of players that can’t get friends or trade due to the age restrictions on PTC accounts.

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Maybe with the new Niantic Kids login this will change

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Catch FIVE Unowns? You’re kidding me, right? I’ve only ever had one, caught around this time last year. And where the hell am I supposed to find them?!

And I thought the 10 Ghosts challenge was bad. Almost as bad as a “Catch a Dragon” Field Research task that came up today, worth ten Ultra Balls.

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The unown task will not come out, unless Niantic makes them spawn like crazy, which will not happen.