Regional - [Regional] Croatia Player Chat

Any players from Croatia?
What team you are on? Where from? Level? etc.
Is anyone interested in gatherings?


I guess you’re not from Zagreb?
Here there are large group of players from every team. I met over 20 people just by playing PoGo and I spend quite some time with them (taking down gym etc.)
Mostly there are Facebook groups from teams plus the whatsapp conversations from little groups (or not so little).

But I pretty much know everyone who is actively playing (maybe not everyone in person, like spoofers and players from the other part of the town).

If you want to meet someone, and I recommend that (so much more fun to play with someone), try facebook groups. :wink:


Thats what Im trying to do…its way more fun to play in groups… Im from Rijeka but their facebook group has been long dead…since like september last year… I know there are people playong just want to have a way for us to meet!
Thanx for leaving the comment here! Hooe more players from Croatia show up to say hi on forum! :slight_smile:

I’m from Split, organised a few meetings in the general Split area, but unfortunately the passion and gameplay has dwindled down recently. Should be good again once Summer starts

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I’m from Osijek
LVL 28 soon 29
Team Valor
We have group in Osijek for Team Valor


Hi everyone! Nice to meet you all! Maybe one day we get to all meet thanks to this forum :slight_smile:
Im from Novi Vinodolski (near Rijeka) team Mystic lvl 30 (by the end of the day 31)
Wish you all a successful adventurers week :smile:

Arent You the founder of pokemon go hub? :smile:
Or one of the people who started this whole thing?

So, I’ll be rocking down your gyms in couple of days, weeks, months? :stuck_out_tongue:
Maybe even in couple of days I’ll be passing by Novi :slight_smile:

I am @DeniMusic :slight_smile: does that make me not a Croatian? haha

Its all good… As long as you are not spoofing! :slight_smile:come say hi :slight_smile:

Hahah it makes you a Croatian, and makes the rest of us proud to have you :slight_smile:

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I doubt I’ll have time to visit Novi, but I’ll probably visit somewhere close. :wink:

If you see Valor gyms close to Novi next week you know who it is :wink:

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Aight, :slight_smile: if I see you I’ll let you have them :smile: we have to learn to share :sunny:
Instinct was the strongest in Novi…but they gave up on the game…most of them atleast…

Edit: double post…

But letting me have them isn’t fun for anyone, there has to be a battle. (or I can easy collect the coins, whatever you like) :stuck_out_tongue:

I am visiting Croatia in June!! Anyone can recommend a good place to visit for good spawns?? I’ll be visiting Split and Dubrovnik​.

So excited!!

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@jamzijai13 If you’re visiting Split, we can do a local tour with you, show you the City, drink coffee under 3-4 PokéStops etc :smiley:

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Dude that would be sick. I would have to see what I’m doing the day I’m out there and let you know. It would be awesome to experience your city with people who share the same love for PoGo as me :grin:

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@DeniMusic sadly didn’t had time yesteday to take down any of your gyms :stuck_out_tongue:

I was really close to kicking your CRObat out but just couldn’t unfortunately :disappointed:


I guess thanx :slight_smile:
I forgot about that Crobat hahaha :smile:

Next time let me know when you are around so we can go get some coffe :wink:

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guys, i am from karlovac, team M. lvl 32
if anyone wants to meet here, just say :smile:

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