Rarest/Hardest Pokemon caught

What were top5 hardest/rarest pokemon that you caught.

Which pokemon always seemed to get away or were hardly ever seen.

Name some of your personal hardest/rarest Pokemon caught.

Must have the pokemon, not naming pokemon you still need
For me;

  1. Riolu / Lucario
  2. Cherubi
  3. Shiny Meltan
  4. Gible
  5. TBA( to be announced)

Dont know how to order these, but

  • Sunny Cherrim
  • Unown (until i accidentally found one non event one in the car)
  • that one pidgey that doesnt like to get caught, and you think it is a ditto and it runs
  • tba
  • tba
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I remember during event, ditto was a pain. Totally forgot a bout ditto. Actually got one yesterday from venonat

  1. Absol
  2. Absol
  3. Absol
  4. Absol
  5. Absol

raids were running?

No I can’t Raid it.

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I can only think of these 2 off the top of my head…


Hmm, I think it would be these:

  1. 100% Groudon
  2. 100% Palkia
  3. 96% Latios
  4. 96% Latias
  5. 98% Regice

The last one in particular made me sweat the most because I caught it on the very last ball. Never saw IVs that high again for Regice.


All the starters are hard to catch for me
Groudon and Rayquaza
Especially Giratina

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Hardest to find/get: Girafarig, Scizor, Corsola, Slaking, Chimecho.
Rarest: Riolu, shiny Delibird, Ninjask, Chimecho, Mantyke.

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1, lapras
2, muk

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  1. Hippopotas
  2. Gastly
  3. Hitmonchan
  4. Tba

I believe the hippos on everybody’s list

I saw 2-3 hippo a day since it’s released.

For regular mons, Zubat, Yanma, and Murkrow are hard to catch

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Cherubi is annoying to get
Burmy have been ridiculously rare for me, and Ive only seen a single Gible so far

1-Riolu (emptied my 8 10kg eggs, not a single one showed up).
2- Latios (3 tries, not a single one on the weekly breaktrough)
3- Mewtwo (Fought 2, on ex-raids, wasted 24 balls and could not catch either)
4- The regionals (14 eggs hatched on that event, got a Mime… the one from Europe, that is all around here).
5- The new ones. Got 2 Cherrim already, saw nothing else.

My rarest shinies: fragment hat Pikachu, Delibird, Elekid, Magby, Mawile, Sableye and Lugia.


The game is designed so we never complete the Pokedex and keep coming back for more. I’m fine with that though, and now am just working on gold gym badges. I catch what I catch and don’t worry about it. Only do 1 incubator too because I’m trying to max out storage space.


Completing the Pokédex is not my goal anymore too, because I know that moment will NEVER happen. The main reason I still play the game is to catch Shinies and to hit Level40.


No, it actually was my goal. One day we will get there. I’m thinking Gen 2 regionals will be released this summer like Gen 1 was last year.