Question about pokemon IV

I just wonder if I understood it correctly.
what I think is - IV only matters if youre gonna power up your pokemon to max.
if youre not gonna power up the pokemon, low IV pokemon with higher CP is stronger than high IV pokemon with lower CP.
is it true or false? if its false can you explain why?

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I would say true. I would care about a 40% IV 1600cp Pidgeot more than a 98% 700cp pidgeot.

if 19% CP312 pidgey could fight 92% CP280 pidgey the 280 cp one would win?
or you say the 280cp one is better just because he might have better attack than the other one, and the other stats matter less?

I think it will win, yes, but if we really want to know we have to know ATK/HP/STA stats from them both.

but isnt the CP made from the stats multiplied by something? if it does, doesnt it mean higher cp = higher stats?

No, a higher level = higher stats.

if higher level = higher stats, it means the 312cp pidgey from the example you gave have the higher stats, cause he is obviously higher level than the other pidgey right?
if he has lower IV but higher CP he must be higher level?

You have to ask somebody else I’m afraid.

The 312 would most likely win as it is a higher level. Even it has 7 less attack or whatever It still is like 5 levels ahead…

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CP is a combination of level and stats. It is completely possible to have a lower level Pokémon with good IVs have a higher CP than a lower level mon with bad IVs.

I haven’t done the math, but I suspect when comparing two Pokémon of the same species that most of the time under identical circumstances the higher CP out of the two would always win out regardless of level.


I’m going to try this out. I’m curious now!

nice, so I guess I understood the IV thing
its just kinda bother me that I see everyone talking about the IV like its the important thing, I never understood why. I guess all of them are high levels who use power ups and trying to get max pokemons

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this comparison is too narrow with a crappy pokemon.

better example:
you catch a 100% IV machamp from a raid. level 20
you catch a 10% IV wild machamp (which is possible), level 30

without even making up numbers: the 10% will be better to use.
So statement is true.

When it comes to powering up a pokemon however… kinda obvious which one you should pick.
And yes, it will require more dust and candy, but it’s worth it.

If two Pokémon are the same level, the Pokémon with better IVs will have a higher CP.

The IVs or individual values set the attack, defense and stamina of the Pokémon.

Pokémon level also comes into play when battling, higher level will deal more damage and take less damage.

My theory is that if the stats are so bad one one Pokémon that the lowers level of two Pokémon of the same species has the higher CP it will most likely deal the most damage.

But what does the CP actually do then? Does it actually have a use, or is it more a coordination?

It confuses people :confused:

Edit ---- (for a bit more clarification)
CP is a multiplication of the base stats and the IV. So a high CP means a pokemon has high base stats. But that doesnt mean its good at everything. Take Blissey. It has a pretty high max CP of 3219 on level 40. But thats cause of its ridiculously high Stamina stat of 510. Its Attack stat is only 129. So it wont do damage, it just can take alot.

Thats the mistake alot of people make. High CP doesnt mean a pokemon is instantly a good one to attack with. You need to know the base stats.
IV just means the potential of that pokemon. A 0 IV machamp at level 40 deals 32.5 DPS (damage per second) against a blissey. A 15 IV machamp at level 40 deals 37.4 DPS.

It was supposed to be a fast reference for casual players to tell which was the best Pokémon

If the mons cp is higher, most likely the LVL and stats are higher.

I always choose highest cp mon. Of course i apraise it. I rarely care about IV.

For example: I have many tyranitars but never iv checked any. I simply leveled the highest cp ones cause it was easiest to max. Regardless of IV stats and everything, they get the job done.

for your example ls the fights would be close. But with higher cp it means higher stats and level so their HP/atk/def might actually equL out even if the iv differ. Most important stat to me is atk

Not to mention most good ivs from my example of Tyranitars were bad CP, which would cost more…

In long run it would be stronger but if you don’t have candy/dust might aswel just use the others.

If you use 100% Mewtwo cp 2780 and a IV 90 cp 3200 they both would almost be equal. Favouring the 2780 cause of perfect stats but possibly end in draw or near loss for the 2780

People love using Slaking and Blissy as a example as to ‚Äúhigh cp‚ÄĚ means nothing.

But that is a half empty argument, their stats are mostly in defending…not atk. Give a strong attacker such high cp an you’ll see everyone cry to nerf it. Gg hope this clarifies everything