Public issue: lack of spaces for pokebox and item bag

Did anyone realise we’re required to expend the pokebox and item bag? Including 7 gens (Maybe more than this), the min of 1000 spaces and 750 spaces are necessary for pokebox and item bag respectively. However it’s not that simple to achieve it. In spite of this, I would like you guys to give suggestions on how to store our Pokemon and items in a proper way.

I kind of addressed this over here.

The current item/pokemon storage system mirrors that which was in the handheld games. Unfortunately that is inefficient given the vast differences between the 2 play styles. We are catching monumentally more amounts of pokemon than we ever were/did in the handhelds. There has to be a better way to manage those catches, so that bag/space management doesn’t become the entirety of the game.

Nobody wants to spend hours upon hours discovering IVs and transferring fodder. We need a better system/mechanism.

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Take a look at my comments on ‘gen 3 release date discussion’ you are able to find out more possible issue under this situation.