Better tools for management

The appraisal system is wack… it just is.

I am catching far more pokemon in Pokemon GO than I have over the last 7 generations of the classic games. I typically catch more in a week, than I caught in any single game.

As Pokemon GO is unique to the franchise, it’s creators must develop unique management tools so that we spend more time playing the game, than filtering through our collections determining what to keep and what not to keep.

My personal opinion. Its time for hidden IV to go away. I need to be able to quickly identify which of my 'mons are the best. Additionally, I need to be able to select them a lot easier. I need to be able to flip the current filters. Example A-Z and also Z-A.

Other ideas would be things like auto-transfers for a given set of parameters. Like not keeping anything below 50% appraisal.

With gen 3 already in the game files, and could release literally any day. I find it a little concerning adding another 135 pokemon to the mix. Adding more bag space isn’t really a long term viable solution if I am being bogged down by constantly trying to keep my bag below 1000, I’m going to have even more issues if they increase it to 1500. Gen 3 of the classic games had a max pokemon storage of 1500, but as mentioned earlier, most of us weren’t catching 'mons at the rate we are in Pokemon Go. Management needs to be addressed.


I think IF Niantic opened up their API’s and wouldn’t ban people… people would write web apps to better/easily manage, name, etc their Pokemon teams. I know I would!

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How if we are able to store infinite pokemons items? No, this doesn’t actually happen in Pokemon GO.
Think about if one of the benefits of participating of regional events are maximizing the space of the pokebox and bag, would you be impulsed to join the event?

It doesn’t sound like English is your first language, and I’m having a hard time understanding your point?

I never said we need infinite space in bags or pokemon storage… as that doesn’t actually address the management issue. That just allows me to ignore it longer, and actually when it comes time to evolve, or select my best “Rhydon” to power up, and which ones to get rid of for candies, etc. I would have a much more daunting task if I didn’t have a limit to bag space/pokemon space.

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Spoofers I get… totally deserve a ban, as it destroys the spirit and design intent of the game.

But those that got banned from using a third party IV app… come on Niantic. That comes out of necessity for better tools to be developed on their end.

Now granted in theory because any calculator uses the game files to determine the absolute best stat allocation something the average player would not necessarily know or have access to, but we as players should still be able to determine (using Valor for example) That " Rhydon A" with “Overall, your [Pokémon] simply amazes me. It can accomplish anything!” & “I’m blown away by its stats. WOW!” is better or worse than “Rhydon B” with the same appraisal.


The management could be made worlds better doing 3 things.
1). offering tabs for each region
2). allowing you to sort by Pokémon type
3). Allow you to do 2 searches for example grass type then solar beam or CP the moveset


You’re right. English is my second language as I’m a HongKonger. HK is a place allowed to play Pokemon GO, differ from China. I’ve given my greatest shot to discuss with you guys.