Promo Redeem Code Thread

This thread will be used to share Promo Redeem Codes with the community as they become available. Please only post Redeem Codes in this thread and make sure they are available to everyone. This topic is not meant to be a regular discussion thread. Please bear in mind codes shared a while ago may no longer work.

Please click here to fill in your code and claim your reward.

Currently the following code is available:

WRGUZRVKRR2M3 - Worlds 2022 tee reward
expires August 22, 2022.

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Code for the timed research

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Redeem Code for the Ultra Beast Raid Day:


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I’ve entered the code and nothing happened… :shushing_face:

Not completely right… I received now a medal, and I have done nothing special to get it? No, now I’ve seen it’s just the medal of Ultra Beast Arrival.

It should give a Timed Research besides the medal.

Aaah, now I understand. Sometime later I saw it, but I haven’t put them in relation. Thanks, I’ve done it, and not only the seven raid of the research, but 49 raids overall… :smiling_imp:

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New promo codes.

All codes can be redeemed simultaneously.


All three caught, sadly no shiny or hundo, but never the less, many thanks…
And the Regirock knows Earthquake, so the special move is included! The other two know Flash Cannon and Blizzard, but I don’t remember if this are special moves as well.

Thanks! The codes work!

Niantic usually makes us choose. So thanks for reminding us that all 3 can be used (to get 3 timed research tasks at the same time).


Lure Module

It should be accessible to anyone until March 5th but I couldn’t claim it so don’t get your hopes up.

Nothing, “there was an error redeeming the code”

Looked it up and it worked a good five minutes. :+1:

I guess we’ll get another one somewhere later today.

7 Gimmighoul Coins. Code expires July 12th.


Very thanks, though we cannot use it as of now.

Also, we are getting 7 Razz berries as well !

Did the code not work?

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What a crazy freak @DeltaEmerald is !!
:clown_face: :clown_face: :clown_face:

He himself told that he got 7 Razz Berries along with normal rewards, so why does he told that he can’t use that code as of then :question:

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If there’s anyone yet to redeem the code this one’s already filled in.

Happens to the best of us :joy:

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