Pretty Please help me

Ugh I live in the middle of no where can’t drive and all the pokestops are up town…:unamused::unamused::unamused::unamused:

How could we help you? We aren’t Niantic

Give me location and then i maybe can help u

Sorry I’m new to this and I know people can’t help it’s more of a rage thing :unamused::unamused:

Ik where pokestops are just can’t get there

Is a Lyft or Uber a reasonable thing? Who knows, maybe your driver would be a player too (I bonded with a random person in Arizona when I got a Lyft because they were team Mystic too).

my parents are very controlling im 19 with a job but since i dnt have a license i have to live by their rule and they wouldn’t let me besides seems like a waste of money what would I even tell them I think I’ll be ok there’s a pokestop near my work I’ll make do

We cant really do anything

Good reason to start on your driving license then. Those things get more expensive every year, so the sooner the better!

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Sounds like it’s the time to stretch your wings and leave the nest. Just hope you have a good job before you do.

oh i do but i cant drive so idk

dear Inquiryiquiry, i understand what you going trough, in my whole street there is not even one pokestop, you should try contact niantic and ask them add pokestop at where you live, and maybe even turn it to gym, you should note to them your area is complety without one and even attach screenshot to prove it, that the only way dearheart best of luck to you.and one final thing:if you dont get respond from them send them again and again mail until you get respond. (not more then once every few days so it wont be spam)

no stops in an entire street? a street?! aawwww…

This guy/girl has nothing for miles. Asking Niantic for stops won’t do anything as they’ll refer him to Ingress.
And then what? 1 stop? 2 stops? Will that make his game playable? He can’t go to bigger cities and a few stops won’t make it playable.

I’ll be honest with you @Inquiryiquiry: Find another game to play. You have no stops, no gyms, no transport, no game.

Wow thanks for the honesty could have dealt without the petty unesscary sarcasm but whatever and there’s one near my work so I’ll just make do

My last post was meant for u my bad

the sarcasm was for knowladgeseeker obviously.

given the information i had seen (skimmed through topic), i think that is the best advise. Playing the game when you have 1 stop available feels harsh. I can’t imagine how it much feel to play like that, only that i wouldn’t be able to keep it up and quit.

If you feel your stop at work can keep you going, 3 cheers and bows for you.

Then i would advise to make contact to nearby players via facebook or something in your nearest city / where you work. Stake out at a gym with a level 5 egg (today would be awesome since new raidboss = high activity)
Perhaps you can find a player that plays Ingress and can and wants to help you get new pokestops/gyms.

if that doesn’t work: wait for the PoGo ingame request feature for stops. This is something they are working on.

Do you know anyone who plays Ingress? Pokestops are based off Ingress portals, so if you can find a level 10 Ingress Player, se if they can come to your local area and submit a bunch of different things close by for portals.

No I don’t if anyone has any recommendations let me know

But other than punicas right I’ll just quit i don’t want to bu hey what can you do

Don’t get me wrong, i don’t wánt you to quit. But playing like you have to is almost impossible. and then it feels like wasting time. Better put some more effort in another game. This is my personal feeling though.

Having 1 stop for items, no gyms, no community to raid / play with, no reasonable spawns (i assume)? All things that make PoGo such a great game are all lacking for you. Most rurals bypass these problems by heading to bigger cities, which you can’t. You could keep playing but would it be fun?