Power up or transfer Ditto?

Hi, I found a ratata that evolved into a ditto but is low level!

Level up or transfer??

What’s the IV

If this is your only ditto, keep it
If not, transfer unless it has perfect IVs

And with perfect u mean 90+?

153 cp

41 hp


No, by perfect I mean perfect,100%

So u would transfer A pokemon who is above 95 iv?
(Sorry for me acting like this my highest iv is 98)

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My highest IV ditto is 74%

I’ve caught dozens of Dittos (about one a day, until I got the Special Research task to catch one, after which I went over two weeks without seeing even one). All of them have had woefully low CP ratings, so I’ve been keeping only the highest IV one – so far the highest IV has been 75%.

In my totally-subjective view, catching Dittos is worthwhile only as a checkbox on our pokédex; catching more than that is a waste of time and pokéballs. I’d totally ignore them if I could tell what they were before catching them.

With 153 CP it’s a Ditto between level 8 and 10, but without the player level we can’t know if it’s a good one.

In any case, I would not level up him, it costs too much Powder and candys, but if it’s the first one, let him be there as a trophy, until you catch a better one.

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Yes, most 96/98% Pokemon are useless if they dont have high enough level (since you wont power up a 98% Goldeen), while 100% have collective value
And in the case of Ditto, 100% means it could have amazing use in breeding, if that ever happens

I would power up a 98 goldeen

No, you wouldnt, dont try to troll me

I really would.
Goldeen can become kinda strong and i dont have a strong 98iv

Are you crazy, wasting dust on a useless fish like that?

The max cp of seaking is 2040

Yes, thats the point

And if he’s in love with the face of this fish?
Let him do, not all of our decisions are rationals.

I love Lapras, he’s not so bad, but either he’s not GOOOOD. But if I find a 100% Lapras, shurely I would max him.