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Post your Spinda

Girafarig is also good for great throws. But this one is all slakoth:

I have not found one single Spinda quest since the current event started, the quests are all event quest 95%+ of the time

It surprised me to. Never expected this. But I ain’t complaining.

Got the Spinda quest on the Fourth. Completed it capturing a Groudon raid boss today.


Just got two Spinda tasks in a row. :man_facepalming:t2: Sadly they weren’t Shiny.


I got Spinda number 8 from the research task. So, no new form of Spinda? :thinking:

They released an old forme with its Shiny variant.

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This form was also in July. Are they going to give us every old form for 2 months with the possibility of it being shiny? Then they should make these tasks more common or make getting shiny form easier. This is the first Spinda task I have seen in 2 months.


Yeah, it looks like Niantic changes the Field Research tasks and Breakthrough Box encounters every two months now. And yes I agree the quest is too hard to find.

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Been working on same Spinda quest for almost a month now. I suck at great curves

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I found and completed a Spinda research task on Sunday… got a non-shiny 93% IV no.8 and deemed it unworthy of posting a picture in this thread.

:thinking: Hhmmm… Extrapolating my current find/completion task rate by the percentage chance of getting a shiny - I would expect to see a green one about every 45 years. :frowning:

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Found this in my Research encounter queue.


Found a glut of Spinda research today… so I put all my eggs in the same big shiny basket… :crossed_fingers:

…dutifully completed the arduous task…

…but my reward was a load of codswallop! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::sob:


I finally had someone that knew what they were doing complete my 5 great throws in a row during a Mewtwo raid today. I’ve been working on same Spinda quest for 2 months now.


I did Spinda after breakthrough switch yesterday - Groudon helped a lot :slight_smile: - and I got form 1 - not form 3 like it was in September.

BTW: 6 Spindas I got till now are girls… including shiny one - is it just bad luck - or Spinda boys are rare?

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I have 24 Spinda and 11 are male.

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I have 10 female and 16 male Spinda right now, not sure about the ones I’ve transfered.

I got another form 3 Spinda today