Pokemon Go Needs an EVOLUTION

Ok, Pokemon Go, evolve! Not working? Maybe I need an item, let’s see…

First of all, 3Gen is coming, really good, not enough.

Halloween Event

99% only Ghost Types - Why? Candy event, you cannot allow users to collect candies at that speed, so it seems we have to wait a bit longer.

More shinies? - Needed, users are tired of waiting for a shiny update that brings all of them but at least some of the ghost types (gastly family and misdreavous only maybe) could arrive and make the event more interesting.


Problems, everywhere.

Abilities are a must, Niantic cannot simply avoid it. A lot of new pokemons are constructed along its ability so is Shedinja, the mighty Slaking etc.

But the question is: Is Niantic going to make abilities a real thing now? I don’t think so. It is too early for that if we consider the way Niantic works. First we should see some new things in the apk, something, a hint, that makes us think abilities are arriving. Such a thing doesn’t exist and also is very unlikely Niantic could hide from the community something that big. All of that make me think 3Gen is gonna be restricted in some ways.

1- Halloween and new ghost type pokemon
2- Almost every 3GEN Pokemon
3- Special Pokemon such as Slaking, Shedinja, etc.

I am not leaving 3Gen without thinking a bit about items. ¿Feebas & Co? What happen to them? I don’t like the easy answer… Nothing. No new items. Why? Because there is no new evolution from past generations so Niantic modus operandi is… no more complexity, so 0 new items for evolution.

What about legendaries?

Omg. Huge change. If Niantic want to release them… There are 10. They need to start early, users are going to be tired soon if they try to avoid that. They should start a month or two later from the 3GEN release. I am counting with the release of Mewtwo and Ho-Oh between them. Also the release of Delibird (I know it is not a legendary, neither Smeargle) in December, Smeargle (?), Mew (?) and of course Celebi. Celebi would be a good choice to begin Spring…

With all of that done we can think in the new legendaries,in groups:

3 Regis - Maybe an event like the actual 3 beasts.
Latios & Latias - OMG You know February…
Groudon & Kyogre (Rayquaza?) - Summer
Jirachi & Deoxys - They are special but Deoxys is likely to be fight in a Raid.

We need more than that…

Special legendary events

Mew, Celebi, Jirachi… Raids? No way. We need something different. Some ideas:

  • Special catch event: Almost impossible to catch but after many tries… :smirk:

  • An event focused on collecting a special item from Pokestops (special event ones maybe?) and after collecting a X number of that you are capable of summoning or lure that special pokemon. Celebi for example would fit perfectly in that kind of event.

  • There is no limit, everyone can imagine 1000 ways.

Battle Rework

An easy one. Do you want PVP? Ok wait for an update later, first this:

  • Status conditions, first is possible to put in the game side effects for attacks that are already in the game, but later is needed to put at least a second move like “sing” or something like that.

  • More than 2 attacks. Yeah I said before. The battle system needs something that makes it more challenging or at least less predictable. Niantic could put secondary charged moves for status conditions, buffs or other special moves.

  • Speed. Crobat? Ninjask? Useless. They need an update that includes speed stat. There are tons of pokemons that need this and also this stat makes the game more rich and deep than the actual that it is focused in rough power and finger speed, not pokemon speed.

  • Special Split. Why? Please, take a look at Slowking, in the actual condition it is just a cool variant of Slowbro. Also the REGIS are affected. Registeel makes me cry. They need something but the most likely thing is a buff and rebalance…


Now, yes. We took care of the Battle Rework, now we can focus on the main thing.

  • Friends - Not the TV Series, please NIantic that words you said before… that social stuff you have been working on… Allowing users to register friends in the game is the first step into PVP. Lag would be horrible in PVP, the first step has to be close combat. Maybe you can allow to combat in the Gyms but first would be easier to allow battle in proximity.

  • Global - With good servers of course.

  • Competitions - No limit, again.


Yeah, the most difficult. It hast to be restricted. It would be easy for Niantic if they ban some pokemons to be traded.

  • No legendaries

  • No regional exclusives

  • None of the actual pokemon generation (3GEN now)

  • None of the TOP pokemon (Dragonite, Tyranitar, etc)

Wait, what? You make trade useless!
No, it is just restricted. If you are allowed to trade that mentioned Pokemon trade is gonna be crazy and for sure some users are going to exploit every single way to cheat. Only regionals could be, in my opinion, removed, as long as Niantic decided to take away their special condition (with trade allowed that would be nonsense otherwise).

Minor things

Well, we have now save the game, time to make it perfect.

  • More customization for the avatar: clothes, physical condition…

  • Friendly UI: easier navigation in the Pokedex, items, pokemon…

  • Weather: OMG! Not only visual, please affect Pokemon also.

  • Pokemon Worlds: What? Yeah. It is needed. Imagine +800 unique Pokemon spawning everywhere… Insane.

  • Eggs: same as above, need a rework sooner or later. Maybe more variety, 3KM, 6KM… Or different egg bags, be able to remove them… I can think 1000 solutions more, so Niantic, I hope. It is not an actual problem but a future one.

  • Daycare: you could restrict it the same as trade but it would be a really good option.

  • Something to do at home: take care of some Pokemon (happyness?), etc. But please, don’t make the game only playable outdoors, include other options (not main ones) that let the people play.

  • What about some kind of crossplay with other Pokemon games? Maybe just a simple link, but yeah, something would be appreciated

  • Shinies: everywhere, now.

  • Better communication with the users: some games have in-app surveys, just saying…

  • Please take it more seriously, the launch, summer events… The community deserves more.

  • Periodic events: every week, no need of something BIG every week but at least something new, no more standard weeks. Could be XP, stardust, some pokemon spawn increased… SHINIES, whatever, do it, every week. There are a lot of games with that event policy.

  • Special moves added: wait a minute, again? No, I am talking about SPECIAL and unique moves, Lugia, Ho-Oh, etc. They have powerful signature moves, put in the game please. Maybe it could be added with a very low chance of getting them, and of course, only available with TMs.

  • More of Pokemon: more easter eggs related to the main series, more items, more, MORE.

Personal request

Gym Leaders, Elite 4, Champions. What about defeating them? Alone, all together… That would be awesome. Imagine yourself challenging Brock in your nearest Gym… Getting its badge, OMG. This latest idea… I know its not likely to be implemented but… :wink:

I am Spanish so I am pretty sure that I made lot of mistakes…, If someone see something please tell me, also it would be great if other users write more ideas, the game has a huge potencial… Any predictions or ideas?


Absolutely amazing, exactly what the game needs written in one list!


Thank you! +1 year and I feel Pokemon GO lacks of many things…


@Klasser I recommend you to take a look at the topic I’ve created. Maybe you can get some ideas from those topics.
I’d like to see your ideas are adopted by Niantic. Keep going!


Oh the last point is exactly my idea - Pokemon league! @Law2010, you and me are all kindred spirits!


Nice to see a new forum member that is able to string together a constructive post that isn’t filled with venom. Thank you for sharing your ideas and welcome to the forums.


I liked it, good ideas, some of them are easy to implement in my point of view, I hope Niantic read us :joy: or at least some of our Ideas reach them!


Seems like @Klasser and me are the same type of person.


I think it’s a fresh and wonderful start to you @Klasser.:smirk:


@Klasser I agree with everything you just said by like 9000000000000000000000000000000000%. I will also write down my ideas as well to add to your ideas once I get some free time. In the meantime you should most definitely read @Yoshi previous posts since there pretty much similar to your ideas.


Oh is it a combination of @Klasser and my topics?

Maybe you have the ability to inherit my ideas and write an article about them @Klasser.


That makes me think we, Pokemon Go users, have many Ideas/requests in common, but the ones who played the main series even more! In my humble opinion Niantic should have more contact with the Pokemon Company and specially with the ones who played main series and Pokemon Go.

Also I have to tell you I forgot to talk about level cap… A very important feature that Niantic seems not to care about and like many other things they should find a solution sooner or later, unavoidable in my opinion.


The only thing I would add to your list is some kind of missions or quests players can do as individuals.

I also don’t like excluding the most coveted Pokémon from trading. That may be the only way some players ever get legendaries or regionals. Why punish them because others cheat? They’re going to cheat regardless


OK for now I’m going to keep this short and sweet especially since it’s 11 o’clock at night. Basically I just want the game to be like the anime Pokémon Go is extremely boring and I would like it to be more like anime. I would love to see some kind of a system where just like in the anime you have to meet some kind of requirement for a 8 gym badges and then you participate in a tournament. I guess the only way they could do that is with weekly tournament or whatever.


Nice ideas indeed. I play as it got me into walking. Going to hit 10,000 KMs by month end. Raids make me stop and wait 2 mins and then catch an under-powered mon after battling a 10x powered mon another 2 mins(done with that). Hardly seen anyone playing it legit … in last 14 months maybe 5-6. “Better communication” definitely … include a chat app and we should be able to see nearby trainers just as nearby mons are shown. All I see for now people with multiple accounts many of them so obvious. Do away with gyms, try something new, maybe arena as you suggested. Remove support to apple devices(biggest culprit for spoofing) I bet anyone who can afford an apple device can easily buy a couple of Androids any day.


I don’t think that removing the Apple Support will help much, as who’d buy an entirely new phone just for the game?

JoshHack make a poll and see how notorious spoofing is on Apple devices. Probably Google should also stop paying 10% revenue they pay to Apple for Maps app too. Apple should join in or be left out.
I bought a Tab(Android) to free up my phone during day time. I can afford an iPad or an iPhone too. The idea is of not giving undue advantage. Google obliged why not Apple?

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Omg your list has everything to make Pokémon go way cooler and better then it is now😍 I like the PVP and the idea of doing stuff with your Pokémons at home( I’m kinda lazy so it would be perfect to be able to use the app at home😂) I also like the idea of the weather graphics and the more customization for the avatars is also kinda needed (wouldn’t it be cool if you could actually select your age ; kid,teen,young adult,…) I hope Niantic will read your list! Bye!


Niantic is just reaaaaly slow, i think some of this features will come but niantic had reaaaly slow programmers. A kid of 12 year can code faster