Pokèmon Go Gym Coins

Hi, i just wanna know if how many coins will i get?my pokemon defends the gym for 2days and 8 hours.

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You will get 50 coins per 24hrs.

Oh… So my pokemon defends for 2days will i get 100coins? Or it still 50?

I think if your Pokemon defends a gym for 8 hours, you will still get 50 coins.

50 coins per day, so you would 100 coins for 2 days

You will never get more than 50 coins in a 24 hour period though.

Even if your Pokemon held the gym for 2 weeks, you still wouldn’t get more then 50 coins when they got knocked out.

Stop complicating the situation - it’s 50 coins per day. Done.

Wow. Trying to let the new guy know if his Pokemon defended 1 gym for 2 days, he wouldn’t get 100 coins. Just 50 when it got knocked out. Why do you want to be so rude?

This is a simpler explanation of how the coin system works - https://pokemongohub.net/post/breaking-news/niantic-changed-poke-coin-rewards-1-coin-per-10-minutes-defended-50-coins-daily-limit/

The Maximum you can collect a Day is 50 coins, Full Stop no more is possible.
In order to do this 2 things must happen.

  1. Collectively the time one or multiple Pokemon must defend a Gym in a 24hr block is just a bit more than 8hrs, I think that time block goes from Midnight to Midnight.
  2. The Pokemon needs to be battled out of the Gyms and come back to you to collect. (no return no collect)

You could have one in there for just more than 8 hours, get booted and you get 50 coins
You could have 4 Pokemon in there and all get booted over the course of the day. The hours they spend in there collectively adds up to just more than 8hrs you get 50 coins.

You can only be in a Maximum of 20 Gyms at a time.

If you have multiple Pokemon in Gyms and nothing comes back in the 24hrs you get nothing on that day. If they booted 2-3-4 days or even weeks later you still only get 50 coins once returned if you haven’t already collected for the day.

I apologise for my previous post - I haven’t been in the best of moods today…

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uhm do you only get coins when a mon gets knowcked out? nothing for continuous defending?

yeah only when it gets knocked you receive your coins

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i see thanks! i left a weedle in a gym for like a week, giving it a nanab every half day or so. free coins lol

You get 50 PokéCoins for 8 1/3 hours defending. You will only get 50 PokéCoins if you’re defending longer in a gym (or 0 if you already got 50).

Got my 50 coins at 1:30 this morning, so getting a bunch of gyms today seems pointless. Going to wait until son gets home from school and we will take a few down before doing a raid.

You will get 50 coins per 8 hours 20, and none after that

1 per 10 minutes = 500 minutes = 8 hours and 20 minutes.
Also, this is a topic from sept 2017. I think OP already found out how coining works :wink:

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Its 8 hour 20 oops lol

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