Pokemon go dev team time to be fair

Why are you guys so greedy and miser
Even though you fellows earning lots of money
Always you fellows say Fair play , updated safe play policy, shirt policy , Took The maps and trackers from not getting 100iv’s WHAT ELSE YOU WANT
(Guys who support my topic create another post like this if am unavailable few days)

Now the problem is this Idiot dev team say Fair play everytime but they won’t make fair Updates

We get Shiny Baby’s from Eggs which are Ultra rare and We get only Normal togetic, wabbuffet, magmar in wild
What the shirty Fair it is dumb fellows

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  1. This account have never received a warning, suspension or ban. You should be honest, especially when people can check your information for accuracy.
  2. if you feel you are doing something worthy of suspension why do it and why encourage others to do it?
  3. your last 2 posts were nothing more than whining.

The game was intended to be played a certain way. While maps are sorely missed by many they were not part of Niantic’s vision so what gives someone the right to call the developers idiots?

They continue to add to the game: special events, raids, quests, community day, events and trading. All new features added to keep people playing. PvP is in the works so is stop submission. It’s not as though the game is stagnant.

In terms of shiny Pokémon, the rarity makes them desirable. If they were common would you want them? The goal isn’t for everyone to have them it’s to make getting them special.


How is that unfair? Everybody has the same chance of getting the shiny -_-


Sry than if you are mod

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Sry thorend
You don’t understand my problem
I spent so much real money and
I bought so many ultra box just for super incubators and never got a shiny from egg

Please tell Devs to do any of this two in game very soon :pray::sob: i request you
All i need is Shiny Magby, shiny Wynaut, shiny Togepi in WILD or Seperate bunch of super incubators sale

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You spent money ever in game
If you didn’t than this topic is not for you go choose other post and oppose it


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As far as spending money I have too. Contrary to what some believe this isn’t a pay to win game. Jying incubators should not guarantee shiny Pokémon. That would ruin the game if that was how we got shinies.


You spent real money just for a shot at RNG? Seriously? And now you complain? Its called a RANDOM number generator for a reason

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@vineel Firstly the shinies you’re talking about are extremely rare, so the fact that you haven’t gotten them (all, especially!) is not unexpected. I don’t know anyone who has all the shiny babies. And just because you’ve spent some money doesn’t mean they’re going to hand them to you.

Also, the idea of releasing babies into the Wild doesn’t make sense, that’s why they’re only available in eggs. What you can do to increase your odds of getting one or more is to walk a LOT and hatch more eggs or get more friends in game who might consider trading with you for rare ones they might hatch. Best of luck


What are you guys talking babout? I did 20+ articuno raids no shiny 30+ kyogre and not a single shiny? That’s really unfair. It took me 45 to get hooh. Also someone I met had to do 70 raids to get his first kyogre. When people who don’t spend a single penny get there first 3 shiny.

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They should be more fair

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I think the game is fair comes down to luck most of the time I spend money but I don’t complain about it I got a good amount of shiny Pokemon overall it just comes down to luck

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It’s all luck, @ProGamer21

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I’ve done 33 Lugia. Not one shiny. It happens. I think the current shiny odds during the legendary raids is about 1 in 19.

That’s odds. Yeah it’s frustrating but it happens. If you flip a coin 50 times and get heads every time, what is the chance the next flip will be heads? 50-50. Yes you would expect to see tails. However chance is chance. I don’t have one shiny baby. Though I don’t really care. It’s just more storage space I would need. I avg 30-50 open slots at any time. Yes I’m maxed at 1,500 storage for Pokemon.

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You dont even know what that means? Random Number Generator, decides which Pokémon spawn, decides what do you get in eggs, if its shiny or not

Than i need triple stardust event for 1week (Not just 2 days on Eevee Community day)
Instead of so many shirty events till now you guys gave us
Like 2 new Shiny’s and a double xp
2new Shiny’s and double candy for hatch

So tldr: spending money on that is stupid

We are still not Niantic…

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Don’t tell probabilities to me…It’s not maths
The Reason is i spent so much money till now
Don’t argue again for just silly request that I made
I need Triple stardust event for a month
Or shiny Babies in wild
Or Only Super Incubators sale BOX
(To hatch more eggs
Don’t include junk like Lure modules, lucky eggs, incense)

Triple dust for a… month?
And probabilities are maths, if you spend money on something you have like 1/5000 chance of getting, its mathematically a bad decision
Its a box since it gives you a lot of different items