Pokémon GO April Community Day Discussion: Charmander?

Are we now destined for the predictable, but boring, Gen I starters? Is Charmander the next one? Why do we even exist in this parallel Pokémon universe?


Your right, they are not “very” ingenous in the moment of having ideas. The easy, useless is the first coming to their mind, asking for a surprise is too much.

I might concentrate on 100% over trying to collect as much Candy as possible.

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I do want a shiny Venusaur though. Maybe the move could give it some more competitive play. Maybe something like frenzy plant for Venusaur, blast burn for Charizard and hydro cannon for Blastoice. Shinies would look good in my collection.
But yes, pretty boring.

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THey should just do mareep since it has a good evolution and mareeps are rare

I keep hearing disappointment, but I haven’t heard many better ideas. I mean, in all honesty, consider it: Pokémon isn’t all about having tough guys (actually, I take that back; that’s all most people do). But that aside, Bulbasaur is super adorable, so I’m pretty psyched. :stuck_out_tongue:


Charmander is only pokemon on my mind that i want shiny. Other than rayquaza and mew.

It’s not even so much about charmander BUT CHARIZARD!

They might go in an alternating pattern of starter-not starter for a bit. Pikachu is considered a starter by many.

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He is a starter regardless of how you look at it

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I think they do the right thing, we should have many more community days in the future and blowing all the great mons at the start will leave us with the lesser ones in the future and loose a lot of trainers in the end

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It would be actually nice if they gave all three starters of generation in community days so they wouldn’t make it too boring and predictable. Just my humble opinion

You do realize we have 150+ pokemon and only 10 Months left.

We never running out. We should be getting all 3 starters rn rn rn(march)

Does anyone even choose Bulbasaur like honestly…I personally never choose grass or water! EVER! Fire is the way to go. Dat Way.

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I certainly realize that and I doubt that a lot will make it to a community day, the starter mons have something going for them.

Personally I hardly use fire mons, water pokemons spawn a lot here so got to fight them the most

They have to do Charmander. Shiny Charizard is one of the coolest shiny’s. I expect a magikarp community day in the future too.


Why magikarp.

I’ll rather back to back months of charmander

Just so everyone can get a shiny magikarp. I’d guess that would be a double candy event so its easier to get a gyarados faster.

:man_shrugging:t5:wouldn’t really want a shiny thats in game already as an event.

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Some of us live in areas where magikarp is a rare spawn and we have been shiny chasing for a red gyrados for over a year :cry:. So I for one would love a magikarp event.


Makes sense.

They should release like all Kanto Starters for one Community Day. Than Johto, etc.

Since we got Dratini for the previous Community Day, I thought we would get Larvitar next. But nah.