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Pokémon GO April Community Day Discussion: Charmander?

Kanto starters are a lot more iconic than Johto starters, doubt they will make them right after these

Pikachu already had a shiny that came from an event and they still had it for community day. I don’t see a ton of Magikarp unless I go to one specific area. I’m not even close to my Big magikarp badge. 13 out of 50 is my progress. I only have 1 Gyarados ever and it took me almost a full year to get it.

That magikarp badge is garbage i’m only @ 99 but i have 900+ candy.

Pikachu is Pokemon mascot i dont count his shinies or variations, they are all different special Pikachus.

I’d love a magikarp event. I see snorlax with almost the same frequency as magikarp where I am from so I am basically left doing raids to try and get a shiny.

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I love to see Larvitar or Mareep as April’s Community Day specie.

Agreed. It just will be charmander ,/ squirtle

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I see more snorlax overall. The last time i caught magikarp in my town was the world water events when i caught one. Its weird because my town has 5 rivers all quite big…

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Magikarp and Snorlax with the same frecuency??? Why I have so much bad luck? More than a year in trying to find a Snorlax… and I have not even seen his shadow…

I have the same problem, but I hatched a Snorlax. Good luck with hatching or catching him!!

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Thanks, but I’m near to loose the hope…

So far, the community day pokemon have all been gen1, so while I’d love to see a Pupitar/Tyranitar day, I don’t expect to see it before Februari next year.

Or it will be the same as happened with the shinies: Gen I first, then some gen 3’s and finally the first gen 2 one (Pichu excluded)

Everything can happen if we speak about Niantic, so it could be the next and it could be a late one, idrk

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April’s Community Pokémon will be:

    1. Charmander
    1. Squirtle
    1. Larvitar
    1. Beldum
    1. Bagon
    1. Trapinch
    1. Lotad
    1. Abra
    1. Growlithe
    1. Aron
    1. Other (what?)
    1. None
    1. Gastly
    1. Machop
    1. Geodude
    1. Slakoth
    1. Ralts
    1. Mareep
    1. Eevee

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These are my suggestions, what do you think?

Geodude? wtf

It still could be…


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My boyfriend asked me last month “It might be a st patrick’s day theme next month, what pokemon is green?” and I said “Bulbasaur!” and Bulbasaur it was… So perhaps that’s the only reason it’s bulba this month. I doubt they’ll do all the starters. But if they did, meh, I wouldn’t mind a shiny of each.

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Got it, but I actually wait for shiny Charizard :neutral_face:

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