Pokemon capture calendar challenge!

So the aim of this challenge is to post a Pokemon’s caught date, and to collectively post a Pokémon for each day of the year! So one person posts the 6th of July, and the next person posts the 7th of July and so on. The 6 hour post rule applies, and if it is wrong, remove it. The challenge will become progressively easier as we go along. And most importantly, have fun!


Ok I will participate when I get my game back.


Dang it my first one is late July 2016.

So in the begininnjng only ppl from america can participate, cus that was begore global release

True. We should start in 2017… @SnivyStar??

Shall we start September 1st or maybe later?

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Hmm I think later better

Maybe we could start on January 1st, 2017. And make it like every three days so its not impossible.:grin:

Sounds good, @Pokemon

@SnivyStar can we start

Ye ok :ok_hand:

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I have one for the fourth can I post it.

You need to try show the date next time


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This challenge cant be…
Dates are written on another way in europe then in america

Well I live in Europe , so for the Americans, we could write the date underneath the image in americain