Pokemon, Brobraam, Lingyujie, Kevin_V_Hoften, S0PK and Jormdeworm’s Ideas to Improve Pokemon GO Part One!

I will divide this into separate sections for every user!

Breeding Every week, you will be be able to breed 2 pokemon from the same egg group, a male and female. They will take one week to breed, and then produce a special egg! If they are from a 10k egg group, they will produce a 20km egg , if they are from the 7km egg group, they will produce a 14km egg, if they are from the 5km egg group they will produce a 10km egg, and lastly if they are from a 2km egg group they will produce a 4km egg. IVs will be passed down from the parents, however if one of the parents are Lucky, the IVs will be higher. The pokemon that comes out of the egg will always be the same Pokemon as the mom, however if you do not have a female of the pokemon you want, just breed a female ditto with the dad to get whatever Pokemon the dad is. Pokemon that do not have genders can not breed, besides Ditto, and moves are passed down from the parents. When the egg is hatched, you receive 10 candies along with the pokemon.

Next, I made a lengthy idea to solve the raid feature. @S0PK helped .
First idea is based on what John Hanke said about maps in Pokemon GO. He said “a change is coming to make maps simpler to help do raids”.
So here is what I want.
Trainer @Jormdeworm joins a raid. Trainer @Kevin260709 also joins. Trainer @bagguille is at another gym/stop. He/she has a option that
pop up showing that 2 players are in the lobby, similar to a notification for friends. @bagguille could say “heading to they raid” “not heading to the raid”. If a trainer, such as @Luna_Kit, selects “heading to the raid” @Kevin260709, and @Jormdeworm can see this. They also have the choice to start the countdown as well as select a ready button. This could also show " @JoshHack TL 36" is heading to the raid", as well as “@Mapman42 is heading to the raid in five minutes” or " @KingQ07 might come to the raid". Edit: S0PK had the idea of making it so you could select the raid and say you are coming to it, regardless if there are players in the lobby or not.

I also have 6 ideas:

  1. Recommending Pokemon in raids
  2. Seeing other player’s Battle Parties
  3. Niantic has polls in game that will be used to determine the bonuses of events
  4. Seeing other friend’s Pokemon
  5. Rotom Dex: Shows you evolutions of all Pokemon out, IVs of your Pokemon, and the entire powered filled out, and more data
  6. In a raid, Rotom Dex says the best Pokemon that you have to use against that boss

He had the idea of introducing a player chat, which will go along with International Trading, a feature only available to Ultra and Best Friends. The player chat is only available with Ultra and Best friends as well. The chat can be used to discuss trading, raids, gifts, and eventually PVP. No profanity of course!

@S0PK helped with my raid idea.

Lingyujie wants this:

@Brobraam wants everyone to be able to see sponsored stops and do EX Raids.

And @Kevin260709 wants the friends feature to be able to be used by everyone!

And that concludes it! What are your thoughts?


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Yes, I like your breeding idea, it’s like guaranteeing you the mon you want but walking double distance than regular egg, that’s the price to pay for guaranteeing. That would be better to have a second infinite egg incubator only for breeding purpose.

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