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Pokemon, Brobraam, Lingyujie, Kevin_V_Hoften, S0PK and Jormdeworm’s Ideas to Improve Pokemon GO Part One!

@Jormdeworm, can you make sure everyone in the poll is in part 2? I can’t check, bad connection :cry:

Lol im not on group but want to be lart of part 2

Ability to switch from nearby to sightings

Pokémon on both nearby and sightings list prioritized by rarity of spawn, i.e. if a Snorlax and pidgy are at a stop the Snorlax would always show. Alternatively a system that allows you to actually find Pokémon that are not at stops.

Update and/or new spawn points in the community. Change up neighborhood spawns to encourage people to explore. These have been stagnant and it would be nice to have incentive to take different routes, especially if we see an increase along both bike and walking trails.


@Thorend, great idea, better to have two tabs, one is showing mons near pokestops and another shoes mons in wild with 3 steps foot print like the very beginning, am I dreaming :thinking:

You can easily find pokemons not at stop
Just look at your signtings and walkaround

But if there are some pokestops around you, you can only see the nearby.

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Didnt know that

Rural know all!:grin:

  • I want to be in part 2
  • Hi everyone goes life

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Why another vote?
Why do you not vote to be in part 2? I thought you want to

Me? I am the leader of the collaboration, and @Kevin260709 . No, I’m just letting other people join as the previous poll closed.

I see, thanks

Lol, it’s for people that aren’t in it yet :sob::cry::rofl::joy:

Part 2 is coming out in a week along with the poll for people that wan’t to be in Part Three. DO NOT JOIN IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A IDEA OR WILL NOT THINK OF ONE. Thanks!


It is coming tommorow! Stay tuned, trainers!


@Gary_oak this is part one, about 1/4 the size of part 2.

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Woops the date is pushed deal to irl :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


This is massive♥

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Many people gave FOUR or more ideas. Multiply that by over 10 people… :scream:. Some gave 10 +.


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