Pokeball Plus Fix

Can we get an option with the pokeball plus so we can choose what pokemon makes it vibrate and light up? Because it gets really annoying how it vibrates to the same pokemon over and over when I dont want to catch it. The option I am asking about you guys adding is to make it only vibrate for the pokemon you specify for it to activate upon, so for example I would ask it to only vibrate when a pikachu or eevee spawns or when a shiny spawns.

That would be a feature addition or upgrade and not a fix. Just hope Niantic would hear you on that or a software trick would do if possibly available. I guess Pokeball Plus could also be running with Android or other Open Source software. If it is proprietary, then if could be difficult if not impossible.



You know this forum is not from Niantic right? No one here has the power to do what you ask.

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or else, if this forum has that power, Pokemon Go would already been better if not the best :grin:

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Lol. everyone here thinks they got amazing ideas to better the game which if you’re really honestly think about it would ruin the game (solo level 5 raid passes?!). Even the few good ideas are overtuned so much by the creator they would break the game (example: the stardust gained after 8h20m defending gyms idea was way too high).

I’m glad Niantic doesn’t come here (often). This forum is turning turning into a kiddy forum with all the “post your bla bla bla” and count to 5000 topics. Seriously, how old are you all, go out and play the game instead of counting to 5000 on a forum!). There are no discussion topics, just pissing contents, dumb ideas to improve the game, friend codes and the occasional newer player that asks some dumb question (which is fine).

Sorry if i pissed of anyone now but the quality is draining here lately (IMO). Just a scroll thru the recent topics on the front page of the forum shows it all.


What you tell is a problem of all forums on Internet.
There cannot be “interesting” stuff 24/7 all weeks. We have to accept that there are actions to fill up the gaps, without giving them too much importance.
What is necessary is a better filter, so we don’t see ALL messages as new entrances. For example, the new Lavander Town messages don’t have to popup as a NEW message. This way only people who are interested in this activities take a look there, to see whats going on.
And don’t say that I can silent them… I have to repeat this action every time a new threat is created there!


Niantic already had a lot on their plate…

and I believe even them could be doing dumb stuff while doing their usual chores.

An open forum could really take a hard time to be of utmost quality and also to manage. Oftentimes it will go off track, but I guess that’s the reason why forum is separated from the main guides, news and articles.


If you’ve ever played Ingress you know Niantic could do it

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