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Pick a challenge!


Step 1
Watch Gwen Stefani’s Let Me Reintroduce Myself video. To prove that you watched it post your favorite Gwen Stefani look(s) and part of the lyrics that you liked.

Step 2
Now it’s time to reintroduce yourself. Repost your very first post on the forum.

Step 3
Post your forum stats from your Summary page.

Step 4
Tell us something interesting about yourself that we didn’t know.


Ok that is interesting
I’ll do this in just a minute


Yeah I was waiting until someone else went first.:grin:

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  1. I am not big on this genre of music, but this part of the lyrics is a good life lesson: “ Got a smile on my face, go ahead and pass it on”

  2. Can’t find my first post, this is the oldest post I have posted that I can find:

  1. I’ll have to think about that. I’ll get back on it this afternoon

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I don’t know if there’s any other way, but I found my first post by scrolling all the way down on my Activities page.
You didn’t write what version of Gwen was your favorite (you can describe the dress if you don’t know her music or post a screenshot).

Correction on 2:

This took 20 minutes of scrolling lol

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  1. for the first time in 4 years, I’ll be going to school in The Hague next september
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I just scrolled for 40 minutes. Got to 2017 and it crashed. This challenge is challenging.


Step 1: Not one… after looking one minute I was tired. I think this part of the challenge is not very elaborated…
Step 2: My first post (at least the server tells so):

Collectors vs. Fighters (and in between)

bagguilleGym Elite

May '17

So much discussion about spoofers, bots, cheaters… I am a poor Collector of Pokemon, I don’t bother about them.
If you could see my Fighting-Badge, haha, 2 Gyms won in the beginning, and 0 Trainings. I find them so boring, that I haven’t entered again.
I love walking, catching Pokemon, eclosing eggs, visiting Pokestops, I don’t need this fightings for enjoy the game.
And in this way, I don’t worry about the spoofers. They don’t interfere in my playing.
I just collect Pokemon, I try to have a pair of both genders (when there are two types), and I try to catch every day bigger species than the ones I have.
I take a screen of every catch, store them in my PC, and I have a document with all the best of them.

The idea of this Topic is to find similar players, collectors, for exchange experiences, best-worse catches made, etc-

I have seen people only guarding little pokemon (10 CP), others, like me, trying to find always bigger ones, … there are a lot of ways to play…

Step 3:

bagguille is a moderator

Step 4:
Well, let’s see…
Imagine, 30 years ago, I was 32 years old, and I’ve gone to holidays from Düsseldorf, Germany to Valencia, Spain.
Around the pool I met a spanish girl and 12 month later I put all my things in a car and went again to this holiday place.
Now I’m 62 years old, I’ve learned to speak spanish, and I’m married with this girl. And I hope I will never change this living place. I still think this was the best decision of all my life.


I see that some of you are not familiar with Gwen Stefani and her music. I want you to complete this challenge 100% so I will help you. In this picture you can see some of the most iconic looks from the video. All you have to do is write the number of the look that you liked the most.

  1. Gwen’s outfit when she was proposed by Blake Shelton
  2. “Don’t Speak” Gwen
  3. “Let Me Blow Ya Mind” Gwen
  4. “What You Waiting For?” Gwen inspired by Alice in Wonderland
  5. Country music style Gwen
  6. “Rich Girl” Gwen inspired by the Japanese culture
  7. “Wind It Up” Gwen
  8. Gwen today
  9. Blue hair ensemble Gwen from the 1998 MTV Video Music Awards
  10. “Hollaback Girl” Gwen
  11. “Just A Girl” Gwen
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Not going to be able to complete this challenge. I’ve scrolled to 2017 twice now and it freezes then shoots me back up to 2021.

Ok then, I choose the 8

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Maybe mods can find your first post?

I’ll take backwards cowgirl Gwen #5

And my first post was in the Friend Codes thread: it’s very dull…

“Need 2 new buddies? Add me and the missus - active daily - located in East Midlands, England (next image in post below - can only add 1 image per post)”

I’ll do the other parts in a bit… :+1:


I don’t think I can find the first post in an easier way. I’ve tried to look for something, but failed. For now, it seems the only way to find the first post is to scroll down to the last post in the Activity list.


Last two parts:

My sister-in-law’s brother-in-law is the bassist in The Arctic Monkeys :monkey:


So you guys like challenges? I dare you to get an Excellent Throw on Glameow! :smiley_cat:


I can’t even get a nice throw on that one.

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If I find one I’ll try

I did just catch a 100% a few minutes ago…